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Did you know at ‘Til The Cows Come Home offers the adoptions of cows, chickens and goats to people who intend to give these animals loving forever homes. We at TTCCH endorse and live out the concept of ‘adopt don’t shop’. Whether you are thinking about adopting chickens or cows from our organisation or just contemplating opening your home to a new dog or cat, it is vital that you adopt and do not buy from commercial pet stores or breeders. This article will dive into the reasons why adopting over shopping is so vital for the welfare of animals.  

The number one reason that adopting over shopping is so important is because most domestic animals people buy in a pet store come from cruel puppy factories or breeders. This option is an example of ‘shopping’ over adopting. Pet Stores and Breeders will charge their customers generally hundreds of dollars for the animal, and that money goes straight back to places such as puppy factories that endorse an environment where profit is favoured over welfare.

The welfare issues from this industry are evident as the animals are stored in unhygienic, and overcrowded areas without sufficient access to healthcare and socialisation. The breeding animals suffer significantly being confined permanently in small cages, never being allowed to engage in normal animal behaviours. This treatment of the animals can lead to diseases, acute and chronic conditions, and the animals may also develop behavioural difficulties due to the conditions they are exposed to.

The puppy farm practice occurs across Australia, and involves dogs being treated as nothing more than breeding machines for profit. This is similar to the dairy industry where female cows are forcibly impregnated over and over again to produce milk for profit ( or in the egg industry where hens are kept in overcrowded spaces and are kept alive for the purpose of producing eggs at an excessive and unnatural rate for profit. All these industries are cruel and occur to make a profit with little regard to the welfare of these animals. In a legal sense more needs to be done in Australia to end the puppy factories, yet only some states have passed progressive legislation while other states have done very little to protect the welfare of dogs in these situations. In Queensland puppy factories and the sale of animals in pet shops remains legal. Since the 1st of October 2018 new standards and guidelines came into effect which now allow puppy farms in Queensland to legally kill any dogs that are no longer required by the puppy farmer, these guidelines outline that there is no requirement for exercise, and socialisation as long as it occurs ‘once a day’. The state of New South Wales also legally allows puppy factories to operate, and has no requirements of inspections of these industries by the state. South Australia allows puppy factories and allows a puppy farmer to kill their breeding dogs by any means except drowning as long as it causes death or unconsciousness as rapidly as possible. South Australia’s Code of Practice also allows for dogs in the puppy farms to be confined for 23 hours 30 minutes daily. Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory are two other parts of Australia where this industry operates legally. Victoria is one of the progressive states I mentioned, as of the 1st of July 2018 the sale of animals is banned in pet shops unless the animals are from a registered shelter, rescue group or pound. Victoria also now has a policy in place that will phase down the remaining puppy farms in the state by 2020.

Therefore, as the law clearly does not adequately help animals in these situations, it is the responsibility of the public to demonstrate puppy farming is not tolerated, this can be achieved by opting to adopt over shopping which decreases the demand and supply chains for animals in pet stores. If you are wondering how you can show support for this cause then consider adopting beautiful cows, hens, roosters, sheep or goats or make a donation to our PayPal account as we are committed to the concept of adopting over shopping as well as many other welfare issues to do with animals. If you want to find out more about us visit our website and see what we stand for!!

By Luella Botteon