Adoption Listings

'I’ve had a lovely experience with 'Til The Cows Come Home. I adopted two goats, who are just so sweet. I highly recommend adopting through this group, it was easy and pleasant to do. I hope someday soon I’ll be able to adopt some more new members of my family through this group again. Cheers'
Jill Bell
Goat Adopter
'Recently adopted seven hens and couldn’t be happier with both the adoption process and our new girls. I appreciated that the adoption process ensured the hens were going to a loving home, and collection of our hens was simple and fuss-free. It has been a joy watching our girls scratch around, dust bath and do all the chicken things they hadn’t been able to do in their lives up until the time they came to us. Watching these girls live their best chicken life has been so rewarding, and the daily eggs have been a delicious cherry on top!'
Bec Pollard
Hen adopter
'From one home to another 🐮 We found TTCCH on Facebook with an ad for our 2 babies needing adoption. From there it was a smooth process for us. We loved that TTCCH did a thorough screening of us and our forever home for Bear and Dusky before they approved us. That made us know that they were the Real Deal! It was easy to get all necessary info to pick up Bear and Dusky and bring them home with us. The foster carer was wonderful and friendly and helpful. The travel home was ok and Bear and Dusky have settled in well! Thanks 🙏 for all the work you do to help the cows!'
Hayley Pero
Cow Adopter