Big Roy, Chungus and Brownie

Hey there animal lover!

Don’t be fooled by their bold names! This gorgeous trio of grass puppies are the definition of affection. Big Roy, Chungus and Brownie share a special bond with each other but are welcoming to other cows so if you have grass puppies of your own already, no matter what size, they will fit in very well.

Their love knows no boundaries, Big Roy LOVES dogs. And just like dogs, these boys love to get scratches and treats! His name gives it away, Big Roy, is the boss of the trio, Chungus is curious by nature and loves to explore, and Brownie is a quiet soul. Their different personalities compliment each other so well which make this harmonious trio work.

They will need to be adopted all together as their bond is too strong and it will break their heart to be separated from each other. They are one big family unit waiting to be embraced by their special human family and forever home.

You will have an endless supply of love from these gorgeous boys as they are loving but even more so if you have some hay or treats ready to share with them, they will eat straight from your hand so get ready for some loving cow licks.

A little more about us the perfect trio:
Age: 2-3 years of age
Breed: Fresian, desexed males

Medical: No health concerns or injuries. NLIS tagged, desexed and dehorned by owner.

Location: Arthurs Creek, Victoria

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