Buzz and Woody

Hello animal lovers,

We’re Buzz and Woody and we’re on a mission to find a loving, forever home.

We’re playful and curious and love zoomies and nap time. Buzz and Woody are happy to live alongside other animals although are still somewhat unsure about what to make of their new friends, the piggies that live beside them, but so far, they have all had friendly nose taps through the fence.

Buzz is the brave and adventurous one. He can be demanding when it’s feed time, only because this is a boy who knows what he wants.

Woody, on the other hand, is a little more reserved but is warming up to his foster carer with much-needed TLC. If you have a reliable water source, at least 4 acres of pasture or are willing to supplemental feed, fenced paddocks, are looking to adopt calves as pets and are committed to providing Buzz and Woody with the love and care they need, you may be the lucky adopter these boys are searching for.


D.O.B: Buzz: 5/8/23 | Woody 9/8/23
Breed/gender: Desexed males, Friesian (Buzz) & Jersey (Woody)
Medical: No known injuries or medical conditions. Vaccinated.

Bottles: 2 bottles per day until 10-12 weeks. Fully weaned by 13-15 weeks.

Location: Gippsland Region, VIC
Other: NLIS tagged & PIC number.

If you’re interested in adopting Buzz and Woody and would like to know more, please click HERE to submit an adoption enquiry.

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