Daryl and Oscar


We’re Daryl and Oscar, rescued from the unthinkable fate that awaits male calves born on a dairy farm, but we are some of the lucky ones who arrived in foster care where we are now growing strong and healthy.

Sharing this journey together from a young age has bonded us as we relied on one another and now we are inseparable as we never leave each other’s side, and thus need to be adopted into a loving family as a duo. As the best of friends, we’ve become so alike. We’ve been described as ‘firecrackers’ due to our excitable dispositions and are full of beans, always zooming around the yard. Super sweet and affectionate, we’ll capture your heart with our desire for endless cuddles and snuggle time.

Get to know us a little better:
Age: 4-5 weeks old
Gender/breed: Jersey, desexed males
Location: Gippsland Region, VIC

If you can offer us a caring home where we can continue to grow and thrive, please click HERE to submit an inquiry.

Resources: https://tilthecowscomehome.org/why-we-have-so-many-calves-coming-into-our-care/