Eggethar, Eggington, Dumstick and Mully


You’ve stumbled across the profile of the four best looking Roosters you’ve ever met, Eggethar, Eggington, Dumstick and Mully!

We were adopted by a family at five weeks old, so we have enjoyed a comfortable life living free range amongst hens. We are so well-trained that you don’t have to ask us twice to go to bed in our coop at night, by the time the evening comes and we’ve played and explored all day we are ready for a big sleep!

We are friends with all kinds – including loyal to our flock and social with our own kind, and two dogs we share a yard with. You’ll often find us of a day following each other around or sleeping together under the trees. We would make protectors and helpers to a family with or without an existing flock and can be adopted together or separate.

Now we are urgently searching for forever homes before we gain our voices and start morning wake up calls for the neighbourhood (you would think they would appreciate a reminder that the sun is up and it’s time to start the day, but we’ve been told they wouldn’t like that!)

We love to persuade our tiny humans to feed us and always run over when they call. We make great pets for children as they can get involved with feeding and petting us, help put us away at night and can happily play in the yard with their friends while we are also out and about and we won’t bother them. We have come into our unique personalities already so here is a little more about us…


  • Eggethar is the big bro of this loveable group. He takes on his role as protector of the flock with pride, you can consider him like the principal keeping everyone in line, but he also loves the company of having his brothers around.
  • Eggington is a very special young man. He is the quiet but quirky and smart kid, the one who hangs at the back of the class never wanting to make a fuss or ask anything. He is a quick learner and always listening, you can correct him or teach him something new and he’ll take it in his stride. He LOVES his humans, especially cuddles from anyone willing to offer him one, he falls asleep in your arms and just wants to hang out with you and would love for you to give him your constant attention. As he is the shy guy, if he was in a home without other roosters his confidence would likely flourish.
  • Drumstick is one of the smaller boys who just wants to do his job around the yard eating and keeping the grass down, he would make the perfect pet for a first-time adopter or an adopter needing a rooster for their flock. He has a beak that is slightly off-centre, but it doesn’t affect him and that’s what makes him look so cute and unique!
  • Mully is almost identical to Drumstick, so much so you would think they were twins! He is smaller just like Drumstick, not overly social but is more willing to have a cuddle than Drumstick is, and just wants to hang out in the yard making him the most low-maintenance pet you could ask for! His personality would benefit from being a lone male in a loving home

More about us: 
Age: Approx. 6 months
Breed/gender: Wyandotte White Roosters
Medical: No known injuries or medical issues
Diet: Pellets in the morning, free range during the day, pellets or scratch mix with food scraps in the afternoon.
Location: Central Coast, NSW