Erol and Cray-Cray

Meet the dynamic feathered duo, Errol and Cray-Cray, a pair of ducks embarking on a quest for a new home that caters to their charm and character.

This inseparable twosome thrives when they have their own space, and they are ideally suited for a home without any other ducks. The reason for this preference is that during mating season when Errol, a charismatic charmer, tends to assert himself a bit too much with other female ducks.

While they both enjoy the company of fellow males, Errol’s flirtatious nature makes them a perfect match for a their very own home.

In their quest for a new home, Errol and Cray-Cray are seeking a home where they can freely explore during the day and retreat to a secure shelter at night. They spend their days playfully sifting through mud, and although they’re not avid swimmers, they take pride in maintaining a pristine level of cleanliness. They also fancy the idea of having a spot to cool off occasionally, making a small kiddie pool or a similar water feature a must-have.


No known injuries or medical conditions.
Up-to-date with lice, mite, and worming treatments as of January 2024.
Diet: They both love greens – especially peas, kale and Bok Choy.

Age: 2 years.
Breed/gender: Male and Female Indian Runner Ducks.
Location: Wyong Creek, NSW (Central Coast Region)
Transport: May be provided if their new home is local to Wyong Creek.