Four roosters

Four lovely roosters, just under a year old, currently enjoying the freedom of living free range, will need to find a new home as their family is moving back to suburbia. With a short adoption deadline of October 21st, these roosters don’t have much time.

The roosters are all sweet but shy, having never shown any aggression toward their human companions. What these roosters need loving adopters who will keep them for the rest of their natural lives and have plenty of space to offer the free range.  The boys all get along well so they can be adopted together, in groups or singles, however the right number of hens to rooster ratio will be required to ensure a healthy flock balance.

Do you have a flock who needs a protector? If so, one of these guys will be perfect for you.

-Adopters must not be adopting to hatch chicks and will need to agree to collect the hen’s egg promptly.

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D.O.B: November 2022
Breed/gender: Silkie, males
Medical: No known medical conditions or injuries.
Other: Up-to-date with lice, mite and parasite treatments.
Location: Northern Rivers Region, NSW

Transportation assistance offered. 

Can you help offer one or more of these guys a home? If so, please click HERE to start your adoption journey!