Hi, I’m Odin!

I was rescued from a dairy farm and have been raised and was bottle fed by my current amazing family from two days old where I received all the TLC and companionship I could ask for.

I am needing to find another wonderful home after the passing of my best friend, Brisket, as I am lonely on my own and desperately missing my pal with constant mooing and calling out for my missing best friend.

My current family are devastated to rehome me but they want to find the best home possible for me with other cows to play with seeing as how I have lived with another cow my whole life and that’s all I know.

I am very placid and friendly with the occasional cheeky side, and used to being around people including young children (with supervision, as I don’t realise how big I am) as well as goats, dogs and other cows.

I have been raised like a giant puppy, trying to play with my best mate, Brisket, all the time, excitedly coming over as soon as I see my family, sucking up for a pat and scratch and licking their hands to death! The way to my heart is through a carrot or apple, which I will eat right out of your hand! I also love scraps from our flower farm, hay, and stock nuts and will moo until I get fed!

Get to know me a little better:
Age: 2.5 years old
Breed/gender: Jersey, desexed male
Location: Southern Adelaide region, SA

If you have other cows and think you would be my perfect adopter, please click HERE and submit an adoption inquiry.