Rocky and Rambo

Rocky and Rambo are lucky survivors, rescued from a dairy farm and now looking for a forever-loving home.

Rocky and Rambo are inquisitive and friendly, these boys especially love to cuddle, nap time, a good scratch on the ear, and chasing their carers around at mealtime.

Rocky and Rambo’s ideal adopter would have 4+ acres of land with pasture, an accessible dam or reliable water source, secure fencing, shelter from the elements, and a family who will protect them and commit to caring for them for the rest of their lives.

Can you provide these sweet lads with the happiness and love they are longing for?

More details below:

D.O.B. Rocky 4/9/23 | Rambo 25/9/23
Breed/gender: Rocky – Jersey | Rambo – Jersey X
Bottles: 2 bottles per day. Fully weaned at 13-15 weeks.
Location: Myrtlebank, VIC (Gippsland Region)

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