Winston and Willow

Hello there,

Please meet Winston and Willow. They would absolutely love to be your new family members!

Their story began with Winston being rescued into a wonderful family, with Willow being adopted shortly after so that Winston wouldn’t be lonely. The two immediately became best friends and have been inseparable ever since.

These pigs have been doted on for the past four years, so much so that they’ve never tried to escape their fencing. But why would they when life is so good?! Now that their human parents are relocating, they are in need of another loving home. Can that be with you?

Both very relaxed and chilled out piggies (Winston maybe too much as he’s frequently called lazy!), so whether you have human children or furry ones, this cool duo gets along with everyone! If your little one has a snack on hand, Winston and Willow will likely want to gently nudge them to check out what they have, but otherwise, they probably aren’t interested!

Winston and Willow love hanging out with their family, especially when belly rubs are involved, but they are also quite happy just spending time with each other – snuggling together when it’s cold and hanging out under a tree on a sunny day.

During the day they like to go out into a big paddock to wander, but you may also find them spending their perfect day wallowing in mud, scratching on posts or helping you garden with a little bit of digging.

As you can imagine, these piggies get very excited about food; Willow will even sit for bread, but only when she feels like it, while Winston’s special trick involves flopping at your feet for endless belly rubs (that counts!).

As you now know, these two would make great additions to any home. Now they just need your help.

Keep reading for the details.

D.O.B. 7/10/19
Breed/gender: Mixed breed, desexed male
Description: Black pig with white patches
Favourite foods: Corn cobs and watermelon
Care: Front hooves grow very quickly and require regular trimming.

D.O.B. 26/12/19
Breed/gender: Large White, desexed female
Description: White pig with black spots
Favourite foods: Pumpkin and apple

For both piggies:
Diet: Fruit and veggies in the morning. Pig chaff mix at night. Bread for treats.
Dislikes: Citrus fruit, onion, avocado and cabbage leaves
Medical: No known medical conditions or injuries. Wormed every 6 months with Kilverm.
Gets along with: Dogs, cats, chickens and children

Location: Taylorville, SA Riverland Region

Transport may be provided within Riverland region.

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