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A concept we really struggle to grasp at ‘Til The Cows Come Home is the belief that certain animals deserve to live and be loved, whereas, other animals are not given the same consideration. Usually, it is animals that are deemed as typical domestic pets that are viewed to be at a different standard over farmed animals. Here at TTCCH, we hold the belief that every animal should be treated the same and that all animals deserve their right to life, freedom, liberty and love.

Sadly, any time we publish pigs that are needing adoption, we receive an influx of people commenting “bacon” and “good on the spit” jokes on the post. These types of derogatory comments can deeply hurt the people who have surrendered these animals to us, as they were often their loved pets entrusted to us to find them a loving furever home. We have people surrendering animals to us for all sorts of reasons, whatever the reason, these people want the best for these animals which is why they hand the rehoming of them to us so we can help give these animals a second chance. Thus, to see people posting joking comments about wanting their once beloved pet to be used as “food” is very upsetting and not the type of comments we want to see on our page.  

Through the application process, it allows us to ensure that the prospective adopter’s intentions are pure. We are committed to only finding adoptive families who intend to treat their animals as members of their families and to love them as the unique individuals each animal is.

Do your own beliefs align with ours? If you agree that all animals should be treated with dignity and given a chance to be loved then we would greatly appreciate any donations so we can continue to rescue and rehome as many animals as we can!  

By Luella Botteon