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Our not-for-profit organisation, ‘Til The Cows Come Home, has disrupted the animal sanctuary model. Initially we focused on rescuing and rehabilitating farmed animals in a sanctuary style method. If you have been following our facebook page ( you would already see our new and improved method we have adopted in order to rescue and rehome farmed animals on a much larger scale and across Australia. 

Our new method has disrupted the animal sanctuary model due to our now greater scale and greater reach, which enables us to help not only more animals but more farmers who would like to surrender animals to find forever homes. Our new method relies on putting our donations into the transporting of these animals to safe homes. Therefore we are now making every day home’s, like yours, sanctuaries! 

We call this new method ‘Farmer to Family.’ This model works by farmers and individuals calling us directly to help them rehome any animals that they can’t keep or use for whatever reason be it drought, viability etc. We then connect these farmers or individuals with the specific adopter who wants these animals so the animal can live a full and happy life. We love our new model as it enables us to help both animals and farmers as we help lift the weight off their shoulders by finding the animals forever homes instead of the farmers having to do what no farmer wants to do and cull them. All our adoptee’s are thrilled with their new pet and/or grazer. 

Are you a farmer who has animals to surrender? Then contact us today by either private messaging our facebook page ( or calling us on 1800 281 647, we would love to help you and the animals! We are able to keep your surrenders private if you wish to do it that way and therefore can arrange collection of the animals by one of our trusty team members familiar with your need for discretion.

If you are an individual who wants to add an addition to their family and save a life in the process then visit this page ( ) to see an updated daily list of all animals throughout Australia who need to find their forever homes!

By Luella Botteon