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Do you raise hens or cows that you no longer are able to care for or no longer want? If so, we at ‘Til The Cows Come Home have the answer you were looking for! We rehome hens, roosters, ducks, geese, goats, sheep and of course cows to loving homes across Australia. We love working with farmers who love animals, to take the weight off your hands and hearts by enabling all the animals you rear to have a happy life. Your liability could be someone elses best friend. To give you a clear picture of how this works, see our popular online listing of animals needing homes today:

When the time comes for these animals you reared to now retire or if there are animals on your property that are no longer needed, surrendering them to us is a great alternative to culling them. We believe that surrendering is the best option for the animals as it enables them to live a long and happy life, and allows you to give back to the animals who have been your bread and butter.

If you decide to surrender animals to us, the process is as simple as getting in touch and locking in a date. Our team of dedicated volunteers will add the animals you have ready for adoption added to our listing and we’ll let you know when an adopter is ready to collect them (or you can drop them over to them). It is a decision you will not regret as the animal’s welfare is our top priority.

These animals will be adopted out to the families that align with the animals and the families needs, or be adopted to permaculture farmers who let hens, calves and cows live a full and happy life on the land, helping them with the gardening. No eggs or milk production needed. Just animals.  

Our organisation loves hearing from those in the farming industry, so please get in touch if you are ready to lock in a date that we can get these animals home.

By Luella Botteon