For Farmers

We understand that a number of factors can leave both farms and farmers vulnerable. With a range of on and off-farm challenges such as our climate; resulting in droughts and bushfires, retired animals, closed down farms and the cost of food, labour and production.

We’re here to support farmers in times of hardship with an alternative to destocking or culling their much-loved animals.

“I’m a bit of a softie and I couldn’t think of a better way and place for them to go to, otherwise I would have had to get someone to get rid of them for me. At least I know they’re going to loving homes now once Donna collected them.”
– J
ohn from Clover farm surrendered around 50 hens the first time and has since called us back again to clear out his retired hens.

“I really didn’t want to do a cull day, it just wasn’t an option for me. I would much rather give them to Til the cows come home so they can be looked after properly and see out the rest of their lives – which is the most important thing. I know that my partner Sophie is extremely happy with where they are going as well! We’re really thankful for the service that ‘Til the cows come home provide.”
– Farmer Matthew surrendered 27 retired egg farm hens to us instead of culling them. 

If you are affected by any of the above and would like our ongoing support through us collecting the animals you need removed, let us know today. We also appreciate everyone’s privacy and if you so wish can remain anonymous.