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‘Til The Cows Come Home is Saving Cows, and other animals, by the Truckload; and it’s Udderly Fantastic! We at ‘Til The Cows Come Home (TTCCH) are always looking for new, innovative ways to reach out and save animals. After all, we may not be able to change the world immediately for all animals, but for the animals we rescued last month, this month and next month, we immediately change THEIR world for the better! This is due to TTCCH actively disrupting the old-fashioned “animal sanctuary model”, through the larger scope and greater reach of our innovative Animal Rescue Plan, which enables us to help the maximum amount of people and animals that we possibly can. Our Greater Reach Rescue Plan is designed for maximum efficiency, in that it eliminates the traditional processes of animal rescue, as we cut out lengthy bureaucratic dealings by acting as a Middle-Man between relevant parties, thereby cutting the processing times down a great deal. With smoother, easier processing times, TTCCH aims to make surrendering the farm animals that you are no longer able to provide for as hassle-free as possible! Donating Dollars and Cents to this Cause Makes Sense For just a small donation to help with the processing costs, TTCCH will directly transport animals to safe, happy home environments where their new carers are able to provide them with the love, care and attention that they need, rather than using donations to keep the animals in temporary holding pens for an indefinite period. We do this by making every day homes sanctuaries, where the animals go live with regular people, who want to make a positive difference to the lives of these beautiful creatures! It’s the Farm to Family model, where farmers and other individuals contact us to help them rehouse the animals they are no longer able to adequately provide for, due to circumstances such as drought, financial hardship or viability. They love their animals so much that they are prepared to give them up to go live somewhere else, where they are loved and cared for, and TTCCH directly connects these people with an adopter who wants their animals, so that the animals can go live a happy, fulfilling life, while also taking a huge weight off of the famers shoulders. This is due to them no longer having to worry about culling or independently rehoming them, and the adopter is thrilled with their new best friend, new pet, or grazer! Doesn’t this sound like a fantastic Rescue Model, in which all the hard work is taken out of the process, ensuring a smooth, simple procedure, which leaves all parties happy? If you have some animals that need rehousing, or would like to adopt your new BFF (Bovine Friend Forever) get in touch with us today!

By James Briggs