Saving Lives and building bridges towards ethical and sustainable farming.

Every year, millions of unwanted farmed animals suffer an unimaginable fate.

These animals are the forgotten ones.  Some are deemed a waste product of the dairy industry, others are used as egg laying machines their entire short life, never seeing natural day light or feeling the sunshine on their feathers.

‘Til The Cows Come Home is Australia’s leading animal adoption charity for farmed animals. Our mission is to save lives and re-home animals into safe forever loving homes. 

We’re expanding the term ‘companion animal’ to include farmed animals. They too can have a place in our homes. Hens can give us eggs, without forcing families to contribute to the cruelty of intensive farms. Calves can mow our acreage and save on fossil fuels, labour and repairs. But most of all, these animals will give us love and bring us joy and friendship.

Our extra ordinary volunteers are on the frontline every day, facing new challenges and the sad reality of animal neglect. They see first- hand the cause and effect of profit driven practices that force farmers to treat animals as inert objects. Practices that are dictated by corporations that make no allowance for animal welfare or the cost to the environment.

 ‘Til The Cows Come Home will continue with our mission until there are no more lives of farmed animals to save because they will no longer be treated as a waste product. 

We invite you to join the animals on their journey to love and freedom by adopting and/or donating.

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