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All the animals we rescue deserve a second chance at a happy life. A lot of the time, the animals we adopt are ready to be adopted or fostered. However there are many instances where we rescue an animal that is sick, unwell, or that needs urgent medical care. So what happens then? What do we do with the animals that need extra medical attention? 

Many people assume that when we rescue a sick animal, we return them to the farm they came from or sell them. This is not true. We want to give each and every animal we rescue a chance to be healthy, safe, and happy. We do our best to not give up on animals that are unwell. Instead, we provide them with the medical attention they need and care for them in hopes that they will get better. 

Typically, our foster carers will look after the sick animals and tend to their needs. Our amazing foster carers allow these animals to rest in a safe and loving environment while they receive medical care. With the right veterinary attention, many of the sick animals we rescue do get better or even fully recover. When they are healthy enough, they can be adopted into their forever homes to be looked after by their new human family. 

In an ideal world, this would be the case for all sick animals. However, we sometimes take in animals that we know are not going to make it. When we rescue animals from farms, there are times when they’ve been neglected or malnourished. Sometimes, they’re just born with medical conditions or develop conditions early on. While it breaks our hearts to see animals like this, we still want to make sure we provide the best care for them while we can. This is why we still take in sick animals even if we don’t think they’ll make it. If nothing else, we want to make sure they feel safe, loved and comfortable and to help give them a peaceful death. 

At ‘Til The Cows Come Home, we take in sick animals because we want to give them a second chance, or allow them to pass peacefully and safely. However, we understand that other animal rescue charities may reject sick animals due to high costs. Covering an animal’s medical treatments and care can cost thousands of dollars This is why your donations mean so much to us. If you’d like to donate and help us rescue animals, simply click here.