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We received a message from someone who had recently adopted some calves through us. The contents of their message made us realise how important it is to make people aware that during these terrible times caused by the fires throughout Australia acting now is the best way to ensure all your animals will be safe. The message contained a picture of their new calves exploring their float, which their owners had smartly left out ready to go in case the fires hit their property and evacuation was needed. We urge all people to have their animals float or trailer ready to go, including the animal’s food and hay packed in, in case of evacuation. Doing this is so important as it eliminates the stress that fires and evacuations can cause animals, as the animal/s are already accustomed with the area. 

We also want to provide you with some further tricks and tips to ensure that your animals if needed will be evacuated with ease if the time comes:

1. We advise that you come up with an emergency plan for both you and your animals. You can do this by determining where your pets will be relocated to if you need to evacuate. This may be a boarding facility or a family member in a safe area. 

2. If you can have all your animals’ documentation together, ready to take with you, such as an adoption certificate, vet certificate and any identification documents 

3. Create an animal kit with food, water, hay and any other products needed. You can store this in the trailer or float. 

4. And as mentioned above train your animals to be settled and stress free in their floats, trailers and car rides. You can give them treats for going inside or do their feeds in there.

Late evacuations can be dangerous, so most of all we advise you to establish a plan and prepare for the worst so you can ensure that you and your animals will be safe. If you know an evacuation is imminent then consider moving your animals into temporary accommodation in a safe area well before there is an evacuation notice issued.  

We at ‘Til The Cows Come Home hope that you and your animals are safe during the fire period. If you are not affected by the fires and would like to help us rescue farmed animals, you can donate at this link:

By Luella Botteon