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Our mission here at ‘Til The Cows Come Home is to rescue herds and flocks of farmed animals and give them their deserved happy ending. Once we have rescued animals we will either rehome them or they will live their lives on our beautiful sanctuary in New South Wales. We at TTCCH would not be able to make such a difference in the animals lives we rescue without the support of our community, including you!

We know that your support comes in different ways. Some people help us by adopting our rescued animals and give them a loving forever home. Others like to volunteer their time in a hands on way directly helping with the various duties at our HQ. But did you know you can also support us by sponsoring one of our beautiful animals that live at TTCCH Head Quarters?

We offer a range of ducks, hens, horses and cows to be sponsored. By sponsoring one of these animals each month your money will go towards helping the animal you personally pick to sponsor. Our sponsoring program is very important to us, as it means that our donation money can go towards new animals being rescued and brought to our care instead of the money primarily going towards the animals we already care for. Ultimately your money enables us to continue saving and rescuing animals lives, how awesome is that! If sponsoring one of our residents sounds like a great idea for you personally then keep reading to meet our residents eligible for sponsoring!  


Hens are one of the most rescued animals we take into our care. We rehome many hens, but still keep on a flock as permanent residents at our sanctuary. We currently have sixteen hens that you can sponsor for $8 per week. Here are some of their stories:

Helen-Darling was one of the hens surrendered to us among dozens of the most mistreated hens we have ever seen. Initially Helen-Darling didn’t seem like a high priority health wise until we noticed that she had barely any pupils and with that, barely any vision. Before Helen-Darling came into our care she had spent her life in 4 walls with around 150 hens, roosters and ducks and no one knew she was special needs until we took the time to look at her eyes, separated her from the flock and observed her behaviour. By sponsoring our beautiful special needs girl it will assure that she will live out the rest of her days foraging the thriving grasslands of TTCCH with all her needs met even with her vision impaired. Your $8 per month will provide Helen-Darling with all the funding she needs to even have a little savings aside for a rainy day, which unfortunately for hens with special needs in particular, generally does one day come. Visit Helen-Darling here:

Penny-Lane was one of the hundreds of other hens we were rehoming from an organic egg farm in Northern NSW surrendered by a farmer there who wanted to do good by the hens he’d raised for eggs. We initially thought Penny-Lane was not going to make it when we first met her, as she had been crushed by some caging and we thought she was paralysed for life. Penny went home with one of our volunteers who already had one paralysed rooster at home and within 2 weeks Penny was up and walking around. Penny then came back to TTCCH HQ and blossomed into the stunningly fluffy, able bodied, happy hen that she is today. Due to our journey with Penny-Lane we decided to keep her forever here at TTCCH. Your $8 monthly donation will go towards keeping Penny nourished as well as set aside a small amount for a rainy day incase she needs it one day. If it’s never needed, this savings will go towards rescuing another being in need. You can check Penny-Lane out on our social media or sponsor her at this link:

Rosie-May came into TTCCH in beautiful health at just 10 months. As we don’t rehome hens to adoption families in less than pairs we held onto her to see who she could be rehomed with. However, she became a seeing eye for our other permanent resident Helen-Darling who is vision impaired. Rosie enables Helen-Darling to get around safely and confidently by following her lead. So for that and her sweetness with all the rescue hens that come in- who would normally be picked on by healthier hens- she won her place here with us forever. Your sponsorship money will provide Rosie-May with all the needs for her ongoing nutrition and health care needs. Sponsor her today:

Sophie-Lee was the first hen our founder Donna met when entering an organic egg farm in Kyogle, NSW where the farmer had arranged for us to come pick up hundreds of retired hens from egg production. The farmer had put Sophie-Lee in her own cage prior to our arrival because she had survived an eagle attack and was badly injured. However, Sophie-Lee had made her way out of her allocated cage and with her crooked walk and broken beak walked straight up to Donna and put out her wing, looking up at her as if for a cuddle or for help, we weren’t sure which but we were sure that she and Donna were meant to be together forever. Sophie-Lee was taken to the vet and the vet couldn’t find any breaks or pains. But to this day Sophie-Lee walks with a limp, goes up and down small steps flying instead of walking and is quite lopsided. She has no pain, is very happy and is extremely partial of Donna and vice versa. Sophie-Lee will find Donna in the office or kitchen or whatever room she is in and tap at the door once during office hours for a visit and then go back out and graze. She’ll do this again as soon as the sun goes down too. She’ll often sit for hours by Donna as she works until Donna puts her to bed before finishing up work for the day. Sophie-Lee goes to schools with Donna to do presentations, educating students and teachers on why it is so important to adopt formerly farmed animals rather than buying them, on the vegan philosophy and what we do at TTCCH. To sponsor Sophie-Lee and keep her educating in schools and sharing her story please sponsor her here:

The Colonel is our first permanent rooster resident that made his way into the permanent resident hen zone of the TTCCH HQ by default one day when we had to split up two roosters and nowhere else to put him. With his confident, quirky demeanor of which all the girls instantly enjoyed, he earned himself a permanent residency in our hearts and with the hens here at the HQ. The Colonel needs your sponsorship today! Your sponsorship will provide The Colonel with all his needs for his special needs, nutrition and health care. Visit The Colonel here:


Meet our resident herd below and sponsor them today for $80 per month!

Eddie really takes after his strong mother, elder of the herd, Truganini. Without a doubt, once grown Eddie will also be a protector and strong male figure for this herd who were all homed together when a farmer booked a truck to deliver them to the sale yard and changed the destination to the ‘Til The Cows Come Home Head Quarters instead. Eddie is named in honour of Eddie Mabo. Sponsor him today and ensure that he can continue to eat his favourite treat of cow biscuits:

Our beautiful resident mother Evelyn is available to sponsor here: Following the weeks Evelyn and her family were surrendered to us, Pemulwoy her three month old son did not leave her side. Initially Evelyn was stand offish with us, today she is much more comfortable around us. She now grazes peacefully and is relaxed as we pass her and her son.

Gladys is named after an incredible woman in Australian history, Gladys Elphick. A strong advocate for women, Gladys Elphick has helped every woman take up the fight for equality and justice. To sponsor Gladys you are assuring that she lives out the rest of her days grazing and thriving on the grasslands of Northern NSW in perfect health, with her family. Sponsor Galdys today:

Sponsor Truganini, the leader of the TTCCH herd. She is named after Truganini a defiant, strong and enduring individual in Australian history. Truganini is a symbol of the survival of the Tasmanian Aboriginals and her life epitomises the story of European invasion. As a young girl, she was taught her culture but when Aboriginal life was disrupted by European invasion this changed her forever. Despite witnessing the most horrific crimes against humanity, Truganini believed the only way to fight against white invaders was to learn their ways in order to gain empathy. As in history, this Truganini befriended the farmer who chose to instead of sending her to the sale yard, at the last moment, send the same truck to us where she’ll live with her family happily ever after. Visit her sponsorship page at this link:


Amelia, Benjamin, Charlotte, Chloe, Leo, Olivia, Oscar and Zoe are our resident ducks at TTCCH and you can help us and them by sponsoring them for $10 a month. These ducks came into our care this July and they currently free range on our three dams and our creek as they wish. To see their beautiful faces and sponsor them today visit this link:


Sponsor one of our four horses today for $100 per month to help us help them! Our resident horses can be found at this link: Their names are Dusty, King Winter, Matilda and Solstice.

Your financial generosity can enable us to save all these deserving lives you have read about in this article and more! We thank-you for your continued support!

By Luella Botteon