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If you have heard of our organisation, ‘Til The Cows Come Home, before then you probably knew that we would previously take in animals onto our Mullumbimby, NSW property for rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming and we also partnered with an animal sanctuary on their land in Crabbes Creek, NSW in order to rescue and rehome surrendered farm animals (many of which still live there as permanent residents on their sanctuary) across the region. Our goal is still the same, to work with farmers to rescue as many farmed animals as possible. However, our approach to this goal has changed.

We are excited to announce we have moved away from the sanctuary approach, and through our new and improved strategy will be able to rescue and rehome farmed animals in a much larger scale.

We are now farmer to family friendly, and have the ability to rescue animals from all across Australia! Our impact is going to be bigger and better than ever for the animals, as we focus solely on the concept of #adoptdontshop!

Interested to find out how our new strategy of farmer to family works? Then keep on reading!

This post: on our Facebook page is updated daily and is the key mechanism that lets you know what animals have been surrendered by farmers and are available for adoption by you through us!

If you read about an animal that you think will be a perfect fit for you and your family, then visit this link ( and fill out an adoption application. Upon approval of your application, our team of volunteers will match you with your adoption family and you will receive a link to pay for your adoption. Once we receive your adoption costs, we will put you in contact with the farmer so you can arrange collection and transportation of your new loving animal.  

We are very excited to be working hand in hand with farmers to rescue animals and give them a forever loving home. Come #adoptdontshop with us today and help us save lives!

By Luella Botteon