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Cow Herd for hire:

Have you got too much grass, or need your topsoil regenerated? Don’t want to manage a herd, despite needing the help of one?

How does it work?

Renting cows through TTCCH is simple. What we do is set up temporary electric fencing around the area of land that needs grazing. Then our herd of rescued cows, who were lovingly surrendered to us by local farmers who wanted to do something for the herds who did so much for them on their farms, is brought in to remove the excess grass or stir up the topsoil, regenerating your property in the process.
While the cows work at doing what they love most – grazing, a herder may stay on-site to look after them.
When the herd have successfully completed their task, they are carefully herded back into the trailer, and the fencing is removed. Thus, the land is cleared of unwanted grass while the soil is organically and holistically regenerated.

How long does it take?

The time it takes to remove the grass or stir the topsoil depends upon the size of your land, the size of the herd, and a few other natural factors.
We have a simple pricing structure of $1,000 per acre that you wish to have cleared, plus additional transport costs.
All our herd have been lovingly surrendered to TTCCH by farmers within the community, who no longer required their services on their property. By booking this service you will help save lives as the more work the cows can procure, the more cows we can accommodate and get ready for work at great organisations and individuals like yourself.
The cows think this is a great deal as they love grazing with the herd and exploring new environments.
Hiring our herd is a home run for you, the soil, the plants and, of course, the herd.
Please notify us if you are concerned for any seed spreading ingested by the cows.

Weeds that are dangerous to cows:

Paterson’s curse, perennial ryegrass, pimelea and St John’s Wort. If you are aware of these plants being on your property please let us know.

Other things to know

When the rental cow herd is on your land the wrangler will provide water.
There are over 1.6 million dairy cows in Australia and 450,000 bobby calves are sent to slaughter, with many of them deemed a waste product. Your hiring this service demonstrates that you value their lives too, and supports us to house more of them.

Before booking

Please have the following information on hand:
• How many acres you have
• Your address
• Whether the area is accessible by truck or requires people to enter on foot

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