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How does it work?

Picture of a flock of rescued Australian hens

Hiring hens is simple through ‘Til The Cows Come Home. What we do is set up temporary predator proof fencing around the area of land that needs grazing, unless you already have an area ready for that and we’re good to begin.
The flock of rescued hens, who were lovingly surrendered to us by farmers within the community who wanted to give something back to the flock that gave so much to them, is then brought in to forage and stir up the top soil for your permaculture garden.
Once the hens have successfully finished their job they are lovingly placed back into our trailer, the fencing is removed, and your organic permaculture garden is now ready for planting.

How long does it take?

The time it takes for your soil to be ready depends upon the size of the land the size of the flock and a few other natural factors, including your level of participation in the process.

What does it cost?

We have a simple pricing structure of just $10 per hen for up to a three (3) month hire, and $50 for their favourite bag of seed and grit, to get them pecking.
You can continue to feed them this if it runs out or begin gradually getting them off this seed and onto your vegetarian seed of choice, by giving them half/half portions.
You are then welcome to rehire the flock after the three month duration. The maximum hen hire per garden bed is 200 hens, as hens are able to establish order with up to 200 hens, as a number exceeding this results in chaos and chronic pecking, and potentially even cannibalism.

We can deliver and pick up at an additional cost.

Other considerations

You can then manage the organic composting and all practices after pick up of the flock onto the site, daily for the hens and soil as well as for their water and safety on a daily basis until we bring them home after their work is done.
By booking this service you help save lives, as the more work we get for hens, the more farmers we can work with and hens we can house, and have ready to work for great organisations and individuals like yourself.
The hens think this is a great deal, as they love to forage with their flock, exploring new environments.
Hiring our service is a win win for you, the soil, the plants and, of course, the flock.

Before booking:

Please have the following information on hand:
• How many square metres you have that needs tending to
• How many hens you need
• If you have a coop or need us to provide one
• Your address

There are approximately 16 million layer hens in Australia, 9 million of which are held in battery cages. By hiring from us you are reducing the demand on these beautiful animals that feel emotions as strongly as humans. And you are not locking yourself into a long term contract for the remainder of their lives.

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