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As we all know the last 7 weeks have been hard for Australian’s as the bushfires have impacted all walks of life. It has been amazing to see Australian’s (and the world) stand together by helping those affected in whichever way they can. Many people have made the generous decision to donate to various charities, raising millions of dollars to go towards those who have lost everything. However, it has come to light that many of these charities people are donating to are not allocating the donations to the cause the donors have intended. 

We at ‘Til The Cows Come Home pride ourselves on spending donations on emergencies that are here, now, and that our donors expect their money to be spent towards. In the midst of charities being in the news, we wanted to write to our amazing supporters and let them know that your donations are used immediately and not kept for a later date. Any donations received go immediately to vital tasks such as these:

• Feeding our animals in care

• Transport for collection of animals in need, particularly from egg and dairy farms

• New holding stations

• Supplies for calves and hens in surrender 

• Supporting our team to make these rescues possible.

We at TTCCH, like many Australian’s, have been impacted by the bushfires. We have found the last 7 weeks to be mentally, physically and financially draining, but as always, we carry on to ensure that we can continue to help animals in need. As you know our organisation relies on donations to run, and as such we are asking for donations now more than ever. Due to the bushfires, we are unable to find adoptive families as quickly as usual meaning animals are in our care for more than the usual (40% previously were adopted off a waitlist and the remaining adopted within 3-21 days) we have some rescues here now that we’ve had since before the first fire! This is why we are calling for urgent donations so we can care for these animals while we continue to find them forever homes. For example, a $25 donation will feed a precious calf for a week. 

We are in dire need of donations to help us get through this period. Just $5 from each and every one of you would get us over the line and ensure that animals in need are saved and given forever homes. You can donate here:

Thank-you for your everlasting support of us.

By Luella Botteon and Donna Wild