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Running a business often involves making decisions on behalf of people. For example, the CEO of a company might publicly state the kinds of values their business stands for, with the implication being that if you are involved with that business, you too share in those values. That is why it is so important to get behind businesses with practices you agree with and care about, and what value could be more important than the well-being of animals?
We at ‘Til the Cows Come Home understand that farmers often form emotional bonds with the animals that have helped sustain their livelihoods, and that the farmers want to see their animals happy and healthy.
Culling these beautiful animals would be the absolute last resort for most farmers, and this is a situation that no one wants to be in. But alas, if the animals on the farm are no longer generating an income they go from being a means of profit-generation to a liability, because it costs the farmer more to keep the animals than the revenue they are bringing in. Despite loving and caring for these animals, this situation can put farmers in a tight spot, with no clear solution in sight. That is why we at TTCCH have worked with many farmers across a number of communities to devise a solution to this issue, which involves farmers surrendering the animals to us that they no longer need, so that they can be rehoused in loving environments and possibly even put to work saving the planet! (
Why did the cow cross the road? To get to the udder side of this issue!
When running a business, you are constantly looking at the relationship of expenditure against profits. As long as the profits are higher than the costs, your business is doing okay. This kind of analysis, of looking at the co-dependant relationship between moving forward, and moving back, also applies to farmers who are looking out for what is best for their animals. For example, when male calves have no way of generating an income for them, and retaining and caring for cows and hens that are no longer productive will only lead to overpopulation and put a strain on resources, then in this situation it may seem like culling is the only feasible option.
Well, that may have once been the case, but with the help of TTCCH, we are pleased to offer an alternative solution that works for your business, works for the animals, and works for us! With all parties involved getting a happy outcome, NOT doing it does not make good business sense.
Let’s talk about regenerative rescue. Not only does the name roll of the tongue, it makes great sense, because it could help give your farm animals a happy (and productive) retirement (
With strategically outlined farm animal rescue, including cow rescue, hen rescue, goat rescue and bobby calf rescue, not only can the animals be given a full life free from having to work the daily grind and claustrophobic cages but they can participate in regenerative farming that will reverse land deterioration and aid soil regeneration.
This sustainable regeneration practice is a mutually beneficial solution where everybody (humans and animals) wins. And you thought your farm animals were no longer productive! TTCCH specialises in guiding formerly farmed animals to improve the land as they graze. One call from you and we will be at your doorstep to collect your beloved animals and lead them to a fulfilling life doing what they do best, grazing and running free on the farmlands. We have a great ongoing relationships with several Australian farmers.
Now, you are probably moo-ved by our words, but remember, actions speak louder than words! Let’s get to this, because these animals won’t save themselves.
All your lovingly surrendered animals arrive at our 130 lush green organic acres of land in Crabbes Creek filled with happy moos and cheerful clucks, and then leave for their forever homes in farmlands where they offer soil regeneration/animal impact services to the community.
Unfortunately, the cows can’t pay for these relocation services themselves, they have unfortunately been milked dry! But hey, let’s generate some goodwill ( amongst the community by giving these beautiful creatures a leg up this one time! You would surely agree that after having worked hard all their lives, they deserve to live out their sunset years in happiness and freedom, instead of having their lives tragically cut short.
If you would like to participate in the holistic farming practices by surrendering your retired farm animals or through farm animal adoption, or would simply like to help our efforts towards a better world, please consider donating to our secure PayPal:

By Shweta Menon
Edit by James Briggs