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At ‘Til The Cows Come Home we believe that knowledge is power. In today’s blog, we wish to educate you on the realities of hatching eggs at home.  


The muse for today’s blog came from a lady who contacted us to help her rehome 8 baby roosters. This lady’s story began by wanting to produce laying hens. Unfortunately for her when her eggs hatched, she found 8 male chicks inside instead of the hoped laying hens. She then had to try and find these babies a new home or would have to resort to having them killed. Luckily, for both her and her baby chicks, she found us, and we were able to rehome all 8 babies. These male chicks have now grown into roosters and are living a happy life in their new furever homes. 


You may be wondering what the point of that story is. The point is that many people have no idea about the realities of hatching eggs and the potential consequences that go hand-in-hand with it. For example, there is a significant lack of understanding in that many people are not aware that 50% of chicks born will be males. Many people have the idea that all chicks will be hens who lay eggs for years to come. This is not the case and results in people being in the same situation as the story we shared with you. We recently contacted the lady whose story we shared above to get a quote on the experience, she said “I definitely won’t let the hens hatch out eggs again, no matter how much I love the whole process. The result is torture. I am certainly not wanting to ever go through this again. I really appreciate you all trying to rehome these guys.” therefore, showing that the realities on the egg laying process outweigh the possibility of potentially hatching hens.” 


It is important to know that even if the lady wanted to keep all 8 roosters she couldn’t. Most councils don’t allow roosters in residential areas, let alone 8 roosters. This is due to the loud noises they make, particularly in the mornings. 


Another major reality to consider is that there are enough animals in Australia that are looking for their furever homes. Therefore, for people to bring more animals into this world isn’t fair for the ones already looking for a family. Every month, week and day we are getting calls from people across Australia wanting us to help find their much-loved animal find a new home. Just last week, a hen farmer contacted us asking us to collect his unwanted hens. We collected 200 hens last week and have already been contacted again to pick up another 200 this week. That is 400 hens looking for a new home within two weeks alone. Better yet, we have already been contacted by multiple farmers who want us to rehome over 25, 000 hens throughout 2021. How amazing is that and we haven’t even hit 2021 yet! ‘Til The Cows Come Home is a constant and reliable source for people to rehome their animals, therefore, if you are wanting to adopt an animal, send us a message. We are always happy to help you find your perfect animal match!