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Broadly speaking in Australia animals such as dogs and cats are regarded as property of human beings, whereas animals not regarded as pets are still seen as property but are given limited protections from the law. These animals include cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, and sheep etc and are the animals that are raised for human consumption. This is evident as over 500 million of these animals every year are killed for profit and human consumption in Australia alone. Here at ‘Til The Cows Come Home we regard all animals as equal.

In Australia we have various states and territories laws enacted in regards to these animals such as Animal Welfare Acts and Prevention of Cruelty Acts, yet these legislations do little to protect the rights of the animals and are more revolved around profitability of animals. You may be thinking if Australia does have welfare acts and prevention of cruelty acts for animals then why is this not enough to protect them? The answer is that in these legislations there are various exemptions in the law which make certain code of practices and treatments allowed as long as a minimum standard is adhered to. This is evident as most of the code of practices in these factory farming environments allow for suffering of the animals, such as pigs being confined to crates barely bigger than their bodies, piglets can have their tails sliced off and teeth cut without any form of pain relief, hens suffering their entire lives in battery cages where they can’t even stretch their wings, and millions of ‘meat chicken’s die every year because they are bred to grow so fast that their legs are unable to support them.[1] This means that animal law in Australia is constructed in a way that still legally allows practices that invoke suffering and pain of animals to occur freely.[2] Even when animal cruelty in these industries are found, Australia has a long history of largely un-enforcing any of the laws against the perpetrators.[3]

Just because animals do not possess the exact same capabilities as human beings does not mean they should not have an equal right to the same moral considerations and legal protections, yet this is the treatment they are confined to which is confirmed through Australian animal law. As the law clearly does not have the best interests of animals in mind, we at ‘Til The Cows Come Home are here to fill that gap as we are a place that not only cares about the wellbeing of all animals but strive to have all farmed animals in need of rescue, rescued and rehomed into loving homes. If you believe that animals deserve better than what our law in Australia entitles them to, then you have two options from here..
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By Luella Botteon

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