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Have you heard the exciting news? ‘Til The Cows Come Home is now international!


We have expanded from Australia into the United Kingdom. Earlier this month we opened our first ever international foster home in the UK. And we already have our first international animals in the foster home. Our international team of volunteers collected four deserving souls who were unwanted on a dairy farm in the UK. 


Our hearts are bursting with excitement at just how many more animals we can help by collaborating with UK farmers to create more ethical and sustainable farming practices, starting by having no animals deemed as waste.  How do we do this you may be thinking, keep reading to find out!


There are foster home programs that rehome cats and dogs in need, and our founder Donna Wild wondered why there weren’t any places for farmed animals. She decided to fill this gap by creating a foster program dedicated to all farmed animals and an online adoption system to cater to the current times. These programs have been very successful, and we have become Australia’s leading adoption charity for farmed animals in the short two and half years since we founded. 


All of our foster homes are run by our amazing and dedicated volunteers on their rural properties. For each of our foster carers, we work with them to turn an area of their property into a holding station. The holding station ensures that each of our volunteer foster carers has the appropriate infrastructure for the animals in their care to be able to heal and thrive during their short stay with them in preparation for adoption. Our foster care program is so effective as the turnaround for animals in their care/until the animals are adopted is on average 2-22 days. This means that we are continuously able to help more and more farmed animals every day. 


We believe that a major benefit of our foster care program is that it allows us to provide all the basic emotional and physical needs for the farmed animals in our care while they wait to be adopted. 


The other aspect of our organisation is finding the animals in our care their perfect adoption match, which we do through our world-first adoption program that is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming farmed animals.  While the animals are in our foster homes our social media team creates adoption posts to share. For the people who express interest in adopting the animals, we have a strategic application process in which our highly trained online adoption consultants are in charge of. The reason for having a smart adoption process is that adopting an animal is a big commitment. For example, cows live up to 25 years of age, they need acreage to live on, grass to graze and they need other animal companions to have a healthy and social life. Therefore, we like to make sure anyone adopting an animal from us is not only like-hearted but is also ready to commit to an animal long-term. Our adoption team takes applications 7 days a week and are trained to find the absolute best and most aligned adopters for the precious animals we take responsibility for finding new homes. Once the animals are adopted, the adopters receive lifetime support for their new family member, they have the foster carers contact info and can message or call any time for tips, tricks, education and help. 


We can’t wait to implement our programs in the UK and beyond. This is just the beginning for us! We are so excited to be able to help more and more animals, every day, get their happily ever after in furever, loving homes. 


By Luella Botteon