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At ‘Til the cows come home (TTCCH), we absolutely love what we do. Every day, we brainstorm for ways to rescue more farmed animals and provide them with a better life, while also doing our part in helping farmers in drought. By following the unique philosophy of Regenerative Rescue, we manage to fill two needs with one deed. The ‘two deeds’ in this case are:

a)  Curb the needless culling of farmed animals:

Bobby calves (predominantly male calves, all under 30 days old) serve no purpose for a dairy farmer and are often needlessly culled. Cows who can no longer provide a viable amount of milk to the farmer are also killed nearly 10-20 years before their natural end, as are hens that no longer lay a viable number of eggs. Most farmers don’t want to kill these animals, but they simply don’t know what else to do.

b)  Reverse land deterioration:

Several Australian farmers are faced with the growing problem of desertification. Desertification has various causes, one of them being large groups of farmed animals being limited to areas of land leading and overgrazing. With no time for the soil to recover, the natural nutrients of the land are depleted, rendering it useless for cultivation. This NASA satellite image of the border between Israel and Egypt will show you what desertification looks like. The Egyptian side on the left is overgrazed. 

Regenerative Rescue is in everybody’s best interest. The desertification of land caused by overgrazing and other toxic practices has taken a heavy toll on Australian farmers. Through Regenerative Rescue, we take in unwanted farm animals and implement Holistic Management practices to enable them to regenerate drought affected lands to make them arable again overtime.

You must agree, it’s a pretty sweet deal. However, it is not without its challenges. Every day we fight against several odds to fulfill the dream of Regenerative Rescue. Each new rescue involves costs. The day-to-day expenditures of running the rescue program and caring for the rescued animals run into thousands of dollars each month. Of course, we have a great team of volunteers who do they best to support our mission and we would never be able to do what we do without them; however, we also need funds to keep doing it.

Help us rescue more animals and aid soil regeneration by donating here You can also sponsor an animal for as little as $8 here and adopt one for as little as $10 here

To offer a more ‘hands-on’ support, we would love for you to join us as a farm hand! 

By Shweta Menon