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Our goal at ‘Til The Cows Come Home is to rescue and rehome as many farmed animals across Australia as we can. In order to continue achieving this goal we require people to host holding stations. 

As you know we rescue animals across Australia and rehome them with adoptive furever home families. The process of how we do this is via our method called Farmer to Family. The Farmer to Family method means that many of the rehomings we do are done by arranging the adopter to collect directly from the person/farmer surrendering the animal. This method is a key component to the success of TTCCH as the method allows us to reach further than we physically can (as we are based in NSW, yet we arrange surrenderings and adoptions all over Australia). The Farmer to Family approach is also so successful as it takes the stress out of the process for the animals and allows the adopter to have a direct hand over with the surrender them to directly discuss the animals details, needs, likes etc with the animal’s previous human family.

We also have a second method which is where we need people like you to come into the picture and host holding stations. This second method was put in place for several reasons. The reason is that many farmers (especially dairies) fear the wrong kind of people having access to their property or too many of them, and thus don’t allow our adopters to go directly to their property to collect their new furever family members. It also costs dollars every day for the farmer to keep the animals so they need to remove the animals they want to surrender to us ASAP to keep farming costs down. Therefore, our holding stations are the solution to these problems for farmers, and it is a method that enables farmers to surrender the animals they rear to us. The holding stations become a safe place for calves from dairies and hens from egg farms to go while they wait for their adopters to pick them up. 

These two methods make our organisation unique. As the Farmer to Family method works for surrenders that come from small scale farms and one off surrenderers. While the holding station is ideal for surrenders we have from the large scale farmers.  Currently we are looking for people to host holding stations for either or both calves from dairy farms and hens from egg farms. Thanks to our donors we are able to cover all the expenses for the holding stations, including feed, feed equipment and vet care. All you need to supply is a space for the animal/s on a property deemed rural, be able to commit time to looking after the animal/s daily, and to have own transport (with a tow bar). We require that you have transport in order to collect the animals from nearby dairies or egg farms 

We are currently needing holding stations at each of the following areas, within a 30 minutes’ drive to the dairy production regions or in our very popular adoption areas:

Needing hen and calf holding stations:

Casino, NSW

Byron Bay, NSW

Grafton, NSW

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Gold Coast, QLD

Melbourne, VIC


On our website we outline all the key information needed for caring for the animals such as the feeding procedures, shelter, and the adoption process that occurs. We are always available to chat if you have any further inquiries about hosting a holding station, please contact us through private message on FB. We thank-you for your support and if you are not able to host a holding station but still want to help our cause you can donate here: Both donations and hosting holding stations help us save lives and give the animals a chance of a long and happy life.

By Luella Botteon and Donna Wild