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Over the past few weeks, we at ‘Til The Cows Come Home have had call after call coming in for our help to rescue and rehome animals from farmers who can no longer have these animals due to the droughts in Australia. 

The drought is still as bad as ever and you may be wondering how the drought is affecting the farmers so much? Well, water is an important aspect of so many aspects of our everyday lives, and can be deemed even more important to farmer’s lives. The animals the farmers rear need water to survive, and due to the drought many animals end up in dire situations where water supplies are extremely limited and farmers have less money to provide for these animals. 

We need your help, and so do the animals. We try our best to rehome the animals from the farmers who are struggling and whose animals would end up in a much worse place. However, helping these farmers by rehoming these animals has thrown our finances into chaos. If you are in a position to donate then please do as we urgently need your donations in order to rescue and rehome animals across Australia who are in dire situations from the drought. 
Please donate here, it would mean the world to our rescue and our animals: