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Our latest fundraiser went live last week, ‘Donate A Crate’, as we needed urgent help from our supporters to help save hen’s lives. Our goal of this fundraiser was to save thousands of hens.

Did you know that on average hens are deemed no longer viable by farmers when they are only 18 months old? However, a hen’s natural lifespan is 8-12 years old. This means when we collect hens from farms, they still have so much more life to live. This is why we are so passionate about giving farmed animals a second chance because generally, farmed animals are deemed waste products or unviable after a small amount of time compared to their natural lifespan. We love that more and more farmers are acknowledging this and are now willing to give any unviable and unneeded animals to us so they can have their chance at a happy and full life. 

How did this fundraiser work? Well, ‘Til The Cows Come Home is giving animals lovers the opportunity to donate the value of a crate. These very same crates will help our team collect surrendered hens from egg farms across Australia. The more crates we are able to purchase, the more hens we can collect from farms, and safely.

Why do we need to purchase crates? A crate saves lives. It saves precious hens lives. It allows us to transport hens to foster carers who then look after these beautiful creatures in preparation for adoption into their forever homes as companion animals. A crate is so important in the process. Without crates, we can’t save lives. Currently, we are able to transport 60 to 150 hens at a time in the transport we have. Some farms that surrender to us are hours from our nearest driver or foster home and have hundreds or thousands of hens that they need removing at once. Therefore, at the moment, our team is driving back and forth and back and forth collecting just 60-150 hens at a time. Having these transportable, stackable crates is the safest way that we can help hens safely from farmer to foster home in preparation for adoption. With our same trailer, instead of 60 hens being transported, we would be able to transport hundreds at a time with these crates and more safely. Therefore, if we are able to purchase more crates, we can save more hens!

You may be wondering why we are being called to save more hens now, more than ever. The answer is that we have farmers who trust us, and they are calling consistently to collect the hens they’ve reared. They want the hens to have a second chance, and so do we. These farmers know we are a hen’s best chance, as we have the team to do it, the volunteers and the foster carers.

This fundraiser was urgent. The farmers had 4500 hens for us to collect. However, if we were unable to collect them the farmers have no choice but to send the hens to slaughter. Therefore, we were in a race against time to raise $33, 000 to save the hens. It costs us $100 to buy one crate, which can house 15 hens safely. With $33, 000 we can buy 330 crates and save over 4,500 hens lives. And the great news is that these crates, once purchased, will last us up to 25+ years, enabling us to continue doing what we are doing, year after year. Hen adopters are eagerly waiting to take these hens into their forever home where they will live out their days in comfort. Our only missing link is the funds to do it all. That’s why we need you. We receive no government funding, so our hens were counting on our supporters!

We have the winning formula; we know how to transport our hens safely we just needed each and every one of our supporters to chip in so we could save our hens. So, here is your opportunity to save a life. We are always needing donations to continue saving lives every day. $25 can save and transport 4 hens. Please donate a crate here and save a hen’s life today: 


By Luella Botteon