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Need help rehoming your farms animals? Have you ever been to a charity store and found something that you thought was amazing, that someone else had given away? Something that one person no longer needs may become the next person’s most valued treasure. That’s how it can be when it comes to the animal adoption process, and we at (‘Til The Cows Come Home) TTCCH are here to ensure that the animals you can no longer provide for become someone else’s new BFF. We at TTCCH understand that circumstances change, and that the farmed animals that were once the pride of your homestead can become a financial burden. We provide a simple, all-in-one solution for farmers looking to surrender farmed animals, and we take everything from chickens to cows, alpacas to farm dogs, because we believe that animal welfare is nothing to bark at! It is a simple process, where farmers contact us, and we then process adoption applications, selecting the most suitable ones to approve for adoption. After the paperwork is processed, we give the contact details of the surrenderer and adopter to each other, so that animal collection can be arranged. We also want to make sure that the animals are happy and healthy, so we provide standard health care suggestions for the adoptee, if necessary, and follow up after a few days to see how the adoption process is going. It sounds simple and easy, but we can’t do it without your help. If you are a farmer who is looking to surrender some animals to a loving home, get it touch with us today. Also, contact us if you are able to provide a stable, happy home-life to a beautiful animal. By working together, we can ensure that animals we list get the opportunity to meet their full potential!

By James Briggs