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’Til The Cows Come Home is a non-profit organisation rescuing herds and flocks of surrendered farm animals at a time.
Types of rescues we love:
🐮Closed down meat, diary, egg, honey, feather, fur, silk and wool farms
🐮Herds from farmers who can’t afford to feed or care for them
🐮Retired mother cows from dairies
🐮Unwanted bobby calves from dairy farms
🐮Retired hens from egg farms

We rescue all farmed animals that have the potential to be rehomed as much loved pets or as we like to call them Land Regenerators. Where they’ll live out there lives looking after the land by grazing, gardening and stirring up top soil. #regenerativerescue

Of course we love all rescues but the bigger the better! Which is one reason we enjoy working with farmers who love animals, to take the weight off their hands and hearts by enabling all the animals they rear to have a happy ending.
The more animals rehomed, the more nutrient rich our soils and grasslands will become. We want an end to Australia’s crippling drought, we demand an end to unnecessary deaths of animals on farms and you as the land holders hold the solution in your hands.
We ask farmers to instead of culling in times of drought or when the animals viability descends, to get in touch with us. And that all consumers chose to #adoptnotshop when it comes to all animals.

Donna Wild

Donna Wild


Neeraj Saini

Neeraj Saini

IT Team Coordinator

Karolina Kaczorowska

Karolina Kaczorowska

Finance Team Coordinator

Valerius Reza Boenawan

Valerius Reza Boenawan

Marketing Team Coordinator



Concept development, market research, community building, legal, charitable status, define impact

2019 - Quarter 1

Establish Departments including: Business Management, Soil Ecology, Accounting, Grant Writing, Content Creation, Marketing, Business Management, Recruitment, Research and IT.

2019 - Quarter 2

Establish Head Quarters in NSW. Begin large scale rescue of hens. Begin large scale rehoming of hens to forever homes (to permaculturalists and to families and individuals as companion animals). Create online merchandise store Ecosystem development (pastorals, vets, gardeners, shelter suppliers, feed suppliers, fencing suppliers, water/water tank suppliers). Regenerative rescue training and development for team.
Soil check of HQ.

2019 - Quarter 3

Begin large scale rescue of cows.
Begin large scale rehoming of cows to forever homes (to farmers needing top soil regeneration, land owners needing grass kept down and to families and individuals as companion animals).
Begin implementing Regenerative Rescue practices on HQ. Partnership negotiations.
DGR application.

2019 - Quarter 4

Purchase of 4×4 and trailer for animal transport, further fencing and a quarantine area.
2020 annual grant calendar development. Begin offering Regenerative Rescue services to the community, whereby we transport our working herd or flock of rescued animals to nearby properties/farms that need one of the following: top soil regeneration, organic soil fertilisation, organic garden prep, permaculture, organic brush clearing, grass maintenance.

2020 - Quarter 1

Establish learnings, challenges and unforeseen needs.

2020 - Quarter 4

New marketing campaign.
Develop new grant calendar for 2020-2021

2021 - Quarter 1

Build team – development, marketing etc for Sanctuary #2 in QLD
Soil ecology check of #1 Sanctuary

2021 - Quarter 2

Ecosystem development for #1 Sanctuary (pastorals, vets, gardeners, shelter suppliers, feed suppliers, fencing suppliers, contractors, water, project manager)

2021 - Quarter 3

Fundraising campaign for Sanctuary #2

2021 - Quarter 4

Purchase of land for #2 Sanctuary

2022 - Quarter 1

Purchase of herd transporting truck and all facilities on sanctuary #2 including housing for staff and volunteers, shelter for the herd, fencing and quarantine area
Soil ecology check of #1 Sanctuary

2022 - Quarter 2

Begin rescue and rehoming program on #2 Sanctuary

2022 - Quarter 3

Establish learnings, challenges and needs of #2 Sanctuary

2022 - Quarter 4

Begin offering Regenerative Rescue services to community of QLD
Develop new NSW and QLD grant calendar for 2023-2024
Regenerative Rescue training and development for QLD Team