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Animal Charity

'Til The Cows
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Animal Charity

Join us to transform the lives of farm animals across Australia. Together we can be the change they need, ensuring the safety they deserve.

Join us to transform the lives of farm animals across Australia. Together we can be the change they need, ensuring the safety they deserve.

Every year, millions of farm animals suffer, deemed simply as “waste”.

Dairy cows are often forcefully impregnated, baby calves stripped from their mothers, all sent to slaughter when no longer “viable” – in other words “of any use”.

Chickens in many commercial egg production systems are subject to brutal debeaking at birth, starvation and the horrific “disposal” of male chicks.

These animals are all exploited to meet consumer demands.

Our vision is to create a more compassionate world where farm animals are viewed as companions, not commodities.


'til the cows come home

Animals rehomed

We are an Australian-registered not-for-profit that, with your help, transforms the lives of unwanted farm animals through rescuing, rehoming, and promoting a kinder world.

Meet the


At the forefront of everything we do are the incredible animals we meet. Here are some of their stories.

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It’s hard to imagine that after such suffering Daisy could trust humans again.

Daisy's story

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Pippa was just a baby, but she was already fighting for her life.

Pippa's story

How you can help

Towards our mission of saving lives



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Rehome an animal

how we can help

We understand there are a number of factors that can leave both farms and families vulnerable. Droughts, bushfires, retired or sick animals as well as lifestyle and financial changes can leave both you and animals in need of help.



We are predominately made up of volunteers and rely on their generosity and compassion to keep our mission going. 

Volunteers are an essential part of our team. Foster Carers open their hearts and homes to animals often in critical danger and conditions. They provide them with a safe haven while our amazing adoption team search for their forever homes.

Admin, adoptions and operational volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep all the important stuff running. Without them, there would be no ’Til The Cows Come Home. 

Wendy has rescued 25 baby calves to date. Not every rescue ended with a life being saved. As a Foster Carer, you can experience love, joy and happiness – you can also witness pain, suffering and unsurvivable medical conditions.


Ben has been a Foster Carer since 2021, after retiring from the Australian Defence Force and moving to acreage. Similar to his past career, Ben was looking for something that gave him purpose and contribution to the community.