Open your heart and home to farm animals in need. Foster an animal, save a life.

Imagine being a lifeline for an animal in need. By opening your heart and home, you provide warmth, care, and companionship, saving lives one step at a time. Our network of passionate volunteers spans the expanse of Australia, and together, we’re changing the narrative for animals in search of a second chance.

A rewarding adventure awaits

Fostering isn’t just about giving, it’s about gaining. The joy of a wagging tail, the gentle nuzzle of gratitude, the knowledge that you’re a hero in the eyes of your foster friend – these experiences are priceless. As a Foster Carer, you bridge the gap between despair and hope, creating a haven of love and security.

Fulfillment without long-term commitment

We understand the importance of balance in your life. That’s why fostering offers you the best of both worlds – the unparalleled joy of companionship without the lifetime commitment. You’re making an impact without sacrificing your own needs.

Join a compassionate community

By becoming a Foster Carer, you join a community of like-minded souls committed to a shared purpose: reshaping the lives of animals and rewriting their stories. Your dedication expands our reach, allowing us to save more lives and create lasting change.

Ready to transform lives?

Take the leap into a world of compassion, connection, and transformation. Sign up now to become a Foster Carer with ‘Til The Cows Come Home. Together, we’re building a future where every animal’s story ends with love, care, and a new beginning.

What you get

from fostering

Expert Support

Our team is available to provide guidance and support, both from subject matter experts and the broader foster community.


Equipment, feed and medical expenses required for the animals are covered by us, thanks to our amazing donors.​

Endless Rewards

Unconditional love from your foster animals and bragging rights that you are saving a life!​

Become a foster carer

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Meet our

foster carers


Foster carer since:


I have rescued 25 baby calves to date. Not every rescue ended with a life being saved. As a Foster Carer, you can experience love, joy and happiness – you can also witness pain, suffering and unsurvivable medical conditions.

We will work around the clock to keep them alive, often with the help of other Foster Carers. Each and every calf is given a name and the love and affection they deserve. I have driven interstate to collect just one calf, then collected seven a few months later.

Two foster cows in my care created an incredible bond with me, so I adopted them. They now look over all the frightened babies that I rescue and provide them with a safe haven and protection.

They are such wonderful creatures, they are truly like dogs. When I tell people what I do, I explain that the rescue calves actually rescue me. I cannot express the happiness they bring into my home. ‘Til The Cows provides all medical, nutritional and environmental support for these fragile creatures, also providing incredible support to the Foster Carers.

I am so proud of ‘Til The Cows – we actually do make a difference.

Foster carer since:


Becoming a Foster Carer gave me this and has been an incredible journey both in learning and personal growth. In this time, we have cared for 70 calves, 21 sheep and lambs, five goats, two pigs and two Alpacas.

We have also assisted with rescuing calves, a cockatoo and ducks for other carers; and helped re-home a few others when an animal’s family has had a change in circumstances.

Each animal has had their own challenges and shown me how deserving they are of care and compassion. Those few that could not survive, were treated with dignity and loved until the end. All of them have helped me more than I have helped them.

We have been supported by an amazing team that has allowed us to challenge the production and commercial perspective of animal care and ensure they receive the same treatment as ‘pets’.
This support has allowed us to provide holistic care using Veterinary, Allied Health Services and Alternative Therapies. This has seen some amazing recoveries even when we had nearly exhausted every viable option. One day we hope this may also extend to hospice and palliative care options for animals.

Every animal has their own personality, we just need to take the time to get to know them and build trust. This takes time but is worth every second.

Foster carer since:


What I didn’t realise was how much I would love caring for unwanted dairy calves and other farm animals that ‘Til the Cows sent my way.

In three years I have had 62 calves, three adult ex-dairy cows, one down cow that needed hoisting daily for treatment, four sheep, an alpaca and many hens come through my farm.

With ‘Til The Cows Come Home’s support, most were nursed to full health and found forever homes to live the safe and loved lives they deserve.

Unfortunately, a small few had health issues beyond the limits of medical treatment but knew love and compassion for their short life, which is just as important.

I have come to hold a deep love of cows. They are loving, affectionate, funny, uniquely individual with their personalities, cuddly, therapeutic and make the best pets.

Their memories live with me forever, and the updates I get from the beautiful humans that give them forever homes is the greatest of gift.

Here are just a few of the reasons why being a Foster Carer is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

We ask our

foster carers to provide


A clean, safe, warm and secure home where your foster animals will receive lots love.​


Regular interaction and stimulation with games and basic halter training.


Stay up to date and complete all applicable training and internal policy & procedures.


Occasional transport of animals including collection for farms and vet appointments.


Contribute to our foster care community, regularly providing updates of the animal(s) in your care.


Educating, supporting and conducting meets and greets with adopters.

For more information go to our FAQs

Become a

foster carer

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If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer, apply now.