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Did you know that many animal rescue organisations Australia wide have a high euthanasia rate of perfectly adoptable animals? Every year, “an estimated 45, 000 dogs and 95, 000 cats are euthanized in shelters across the country” (G2Z summit 2019). This statistic only includes dogs and cats, if we had to think about other companion animals like rabbits, pigs, cows, chickens and sheep, that number would be significantly higher. Therefore, rehoming animals is vital to lower euthanasia rates. 

We at ‘Til The Comes Come Home take great pride in sharing with you our euthanasia rate is ZERO! You may be wondering how we have managed to achieve this? Continue reading to find out! 

Our zero-euthanasia rate is made possible by our unique and innovative method of collecting and rehoming farmed animals. Specifically, it is possible due to three factors:

Firstly, our wonderful foster carers make our zero-euthanasia rate possible as they care for the animals we are given/collect while they wait to be adopted. In each foster home, we have established holding stations which are specifically designed to care for the farmed animals while they wait for our amazing online consultants to find them their perfect adoption match. The holding stations provide a safe haven for these animals while they wait for us to find them their furever homes. While the animals are in the foster homes, our foster carers prepare the animals for adoption by teaching the calves to bottle feed from a human or to feel comfortable on a harness for example. Our foster carers help to prevent any animal being euthanised as the animals in their care will stay with them until we find the animals their furever home, there is no limitation date. We currently have 15 foster homes across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Perth.  Our foster care system has enabled TTCCH to become Australia’s leading online adoption agency for farmed animals within just 2 years. 

The second factor that makes our zero-euthanasia rate possible is our adopters. Our online adoption consultants ensure that anyone who applies to adopt one of our animals is thoroughly vetted to make sure that anyone wanting to adopt is genuine and is going to be a perfect match for our animals. Through the application process, it ensures that the animal is going to his or her furever home. Our amazing adopters are creating every day furever sanctuaries for our animals, how awesome is that! 

And lastly, our zero-euthanasia rate is made possible due to our amazing donors. You may have read our blog from last week where we discussed how our organisation is running due to our amazing donors ( If not, let us give you a quick run-down. Everything that TTCCH does is made possible due to our donors. The majority of our donations range from $5 to $25, and those donations have made the world of difference. Our donors make it possible for our charity to continue helping farmed animals Australia wide, and therefore make possible our zero-euthanasia rate. We are forever grateful to you all!

Donna Wild, our founder, has stated that “we will always continue to have a zero-euthanasia rate and to do whatever it takes to get these beautiful beings into loving forever homes as companion animals that they deserve to have.” What an amazing standard to live by! 

Thank you so much for our foster carers, adopters and donors. You all make TTCCH possible and to everyone of these beautiful lives, it means the whole world. 


By Luella Botteon