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‘Til The Cows Come Home has established itself as Australia’s leading online adoption agency for farmed animals in only two years. We have achieved so much for animals in Australia by turning everyday homes into sanctuaries. Are you curious on how we have achieved so much in such a little amount of time? Keep reading to find out why our business model is thriving, even in times of crisis such as the bushfires, the drought, the floods and the covid-19 pandemic Australia has been experiencing this past year. 

We pride ourselves on having established an innovative business model in the sense that it’s providing a direct link between farmers and potential pet owners, which previously did not exist. Prior to the start-up of ‘Til The Cows Come Home, many farmers were forced to try to give unwanted animals away, but in many cases they didn’t have the relationships or time, and many of these unwanted animals had to be killed. It is due to our Founder, Donna Wild, who has made successful relationships with farmers to rehome their unwanted farmed animals, giving these animals a second chance at life to experience unconditional love by their new forever families. We have solved the problem of farmers having no supply chain for farmed animals deemed no longer viable to their farmers, by ‘Til The Cows Come Home providing a consistent and reliable supply chain for all farmers and families who need animals rehomed. We are easily able to scale this model through our holding stations. With the support of volunteers, our holding stations allow expansion into new areas, without the major operational costs incurred in sanctuaries which save far fewer animals. Our holding stations also mean we are able to help animals in different states in Australia, not just target one state. 

We are unlike other animal rescue organisations, due to our sole focus on unwanted farmed animals across Australia. This has allowed Donna to become the ‘go-to’ place for farmers and interested adopters. We are proud to say that Donna’s reputation has expanded so rapidly, gaining interest from the RSPCA and other Animal Welfare League associations, to help find homes for farmed animals they receive. 

We believe that it is due to our innovative business model that has contributed to our mission coming to life; of saving unwanted farmed animals by working directly with farmers and families to rehome them into loving, forever homes. 

If you need any of your animals rehomed, we are the organisation to call. All adopters are required to apply through an application and are screened before adopting, making us the safest online adoption agency to rehome your much-loved farmed animals today. 

If you are interested in adopting an animal through us then please visit this link which is updated daily of all the animals have available for adoption:

Thank you for your support of our organisation, it means the world to us and all the animals we are able to save due to your support.

By Luella Botteon