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Each year, billions of unwanted farmed animals suffer an unimaginable fate. In Australia alone, farmed animals are being bred and killed in the millions each day. ‘Til The Cows Come Home’s founder and CEO, Donna Wild, has stated that “many of these animals are deemed a waste product of the dairy industry because they were born male and a waste product of the egg industry when they reached 18 months of age.” Donna couldn’t turn her back on this reality, especially when she could see a solution to save these deserving animals. Her idea was ‘Til The Cows Come Home!


Since 2018, TTCCH has been saving lives and rehoming farmed animals into forever loving homes. We are so grateful to have our volunteers on the frontlines every day rescuing animals in need. By working together, our TTCCH team, farmers, donors, and adopters have made everyday homes into sanctuaries for thousands of unwanted animals across Australia.  


This not-for-profit organisation has become Australia’s leading online adoption agency for farmed animals, we are not limited by location and can help rescue and rehome animals, potentially, anywhere in the world. We love that we are making lasting changes to the lives of the animals we rescue and giving animals a second chance at life to experience unconditional love with their new forever families. 


Our mission will always be to find homes for as many animals as possible, giving them a second chance at life and love. And this is what makes us unlike any other animal rescue organisation; our sole focus on rescuing unwanted, unneeded or otherwise unviable animals from anywhere across Australia and internationally where possible, that sets us apart. We are proud to say that TTCCH has become the go-to place for farmers, families and interested adaptors. 


Along with our strongly focused mission, we are championing to get the term ‘companion animal’ to include farmed animals. As animal lovers, we believe that like regular pets, farmed animals too can be companion animals with a special place in our homes. Donna has said the following, and it couldn’t be truer “They too can have a place in our homes; Hens lay eggs, without forcing families to contribute to the cruelty of intensive farms. Calves can mow acreage and save on fossil fuels, labour and repairs. But most of all, these animals will give us love and bring us joy and friendship.” 


We want to end today’s blog with the following message brought to you by Donna: “As we move into another year together, may we continue to strive for a world where people view farmed animals with the same warmth, and offer the same rights, afforded to domestic pets. With endless gratitude, thank you for being here, making this mission possible with your likes, shares, tags, adoptions and donations. Everything helps! We all simply need to keep doing what we can. One day at a time, one animal at a time.. For life, Donna Wild Founder and CEO, ‘Til The Cows Come Home.”


By Donna Wild and Luella Botteon