Violet & Ulysses  

Rescued from two different farms, fate bought these two calves together.  It is heartbreaking to think that Violet and Ulysses faced an unimaginable fate just a few weeks ago.  Male calves born on dairy farms are commonly deemed as “waste” or “surplus”, as they offer no financial gain to the farmer. These calves are often […]

Colton, Dexter & Dante

A delightful trio of energetic and affectionate calves. Colton, Dexter and Dante are three lucky calves rescued from a dairy farm and taken to the safety of our foster home. Now healthy and thriving, they are looking for a forever home. Colton, Dexter and Dante love playing just like puppies and enjoy socialising with other animals and […]

Chase & Hero

Image of two cows named Chase and Hero

Join us in welcoming Chase and Hero, a duo with a bond that’s as inspiring as it is heart-warming, with a remarkable tale that will touch your heart. Rescued individually from the streets and impounded by the council, they were left unclaimed. Join us in welcoming Chase and Hero, a duo with a bond that’s […]

Tommy & Frankie

Rescued from a dairy farm, Frankie and Tommy are the embodiment of resilience and love. These two precious calves have flourished in foster care and are now seeking their forever home! These little darlings are all about fun! From zoomies in the yard to exploring new surroundings, they’re up for any adventure. Then, after a […]

Steve, Patch & Joe

Image of three calves named Steve, Patch and Joe

These three adorable calves are looking for their forever home! Meet Joe, Patch, and Steve who were surrendered from a dairy farm but found love and care in one of our foster homes. Despite a challenging start, needing veterinary intervention, Joe has developed a sweet and affectionate nature which shines through from being around people […]

Bernard, Biscuit & Franklin

Three brown jersey calves named Bernard, Biscuit and Franklin.

From Dairy Farm to Forever Home Meet Bernard, Biscuit, and Franklin! These adorable Jersey calves were rescued from a dairy farm, and now they’re looking for a forever home, ready to steal your heart. Born into a life of uncertainty on a dairy farm, fate had something better in store for these lucky calves. With […]

Christmas & Jett

Introducing you to Christmas and Jett. Christmas was rescued from a dairy farm, and Jett was rescued from a small beef farm as he was rejected by his mother. Both calves were taken into foster care where they have been loved and cared for. Both calves are described by their foster carer as being ‘little […]

Jeremy & Ferdinand

Hi animal lover, we are Jeremy and Ferdinand, brothers and best friends searching for a home to call our forever. Can that home be with you? If bottle-feeding little ones isn’t your thing, then that’s great, because we experienced lawnmowers. We have been in our current home since we were only 6 months old but […]

Angus, Love & Jessie

Hi animal lovers, our names are Angus, Jessie and Love, and we are three of the luckiest calves that were rescued from a dairy farm at only 1 week of age. We have been in foster care since our rescue, receiving the very best of care and endless love, but we really want to find […]