About us

Who we are

‘Til The Cows Come Home is an Australian not-for-profit, founded in 2018. We are a farm animal charity that rescues unwanted, unviable, “waste’’ farmed animals, rehabilitates them in short-term foster care and rehomes them into safe, forever-loving homes as companions.

Farm animals are often not seen as companions but instead as commodities. We hope to be the voices for these forgotten and inspire you to not only share their stories but make more compassionate choices.

We are made up predominately of volunteers and rely on the kindness of public donations to keep our mission alive.

Our Vision

Create a more compassionate world where farm animals are viewed as companions, not commodities.

Our Mission

We transform the lives of unwanted farm animals through rescuing, rehoming and promoting a kinder world. We give a voice to farm animals by telling their stories and inspiring change.

What we do

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We are alerted to an animal in need; either unwanted and in danger or surrendered by someone who can no longer care for them (every situation is different).

Foster care

We rush to rescue the animal, providing any medical care they need and homing them in temporary foster care with our devoted Foster Carers. They will stay here until they are 100% ready to be adopted, only then will we start the adoption process.

In the case of many rehoming cases animals stay in their homes until we find the perfect adopter.


We have a very thorough adoption process, to ensure all animals are adopted into loving homes where they will live as companions, not commodities.

Giving voice to the voiceless

We act and we advocate. We work to change lives today while shaping a better future for those tomorrow. Through advocacy and education, we raise awareness and drive compassionate change in the communities we reach.


Our team

Our incredible


We would not be where we are today without our incredible volunteers, who so selflessly donate their time and efforts to keep our mission alive. Behind the scenes we are made up of a tiny team who passionately keep our mission alive. We would love for you to meet below.


Our team

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Board of Directors

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how you can help

We can save the lives of thousands of animals but we cannot do it without your help. Get involved either through fostering or adopting.


chief executive officer

Rachele joined ‘Til The Cows in 2021 and brings with her a deep-rooted love for animals, particularly cows, which developed at a young age growing up on a farm.

With a passion for animal welfare, Rachele has actively rescued and adopted numerous farmed, domestic, and native animals throughout her life.

Her background in farming enables a solid understanding of agribusiness while advocating for the welfare of animals. Rachele also possesses a wealth of knowledge in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

Having held various managerial roles, Rachele has honed her skills in managing complex projects and implementing effective strategies. Her diverse background and expertise make her a valuable asset to ‘Til The Cows Come Home, allowing her to facilitate positive change for animals while supporting our mission.

In her spare time, Rachele enjoys spending time with her animal companions and finding new ways to contribute to the welfare of animals in need. Rachele is assisted in her role by the General Manager of Snacks and Treats, JoJo the golden retriever X red cattle dog mix. JoJo ensures that all treats are sampled for quality purposes.


chief financial officer

Jill joined ‘Til The Cows in 2021, bringing with her a wealth of qualifications and experience, including degrees in Accounting and Business.

Additionally, Jill achieved the Chartered Accountant Qualification with first-time passes and is a Fellow of the ICAEW, having completed her studies at PwC and Financial Training College in Newcastle, UK.

In her professional career, Jill has worked for large multinational companies, gaining valuable experience in both Australia and abroad. Her experience combined with her financial acumen, make her a valuable asset to our charity.

Beyond her impressive qualifications and financial background, Jill has a deep love for animals. Her passion for making a difference in the Not-for-Profit sector is evident in her dedication to our mission. With her knowledge and desire to contribute to the welfare and well-being of animals, Jill is committed to driving positive change within the organisation and ensuring the sound management of funds that our donors entrust us with.

Jill is supported in her role by her 2IC (2nd in command), the adorable (and sometimes naughty) Labrador Benny. Her dedication to both finance and the welfare of animals makes her an invaluable member of the team.


Administration & Adoptions

From that moment I knew I wanted to help as many animals as possible.

At one of our very first foster homes in NSW, I was lucky enough to meet Storm and Gumnut.

At the time I was an admin and adoption volunteer. Gumnut in particular was lucky to survive after being rescued from horrible, dirty conditions. He then got pneumonia, which with the tireless care of Foster Carers he survived.

I had watched his journey of survival from behind a computer, so it was a special moment to meet him. He was so tiny and frail but full of so much life running around. This little calf would never know how lucky he was. From that moment forward I knew that I wanted to help as many animals as possible and be a part of helping unwanted animals like this little calf go on to live the life they deserve.

I was then honoured to find his forever home, where he is now living his best life. Something I feel lucky to now do every day.


Adoptions and Admin Assistant

I started rescuing cats from the streets and I have never looked back.

Years ago, I found a litter of cats that had been dumped. Originally a family who did not properly care for them lost control of their breeding. They ended up with so many they were selling them on Gumtree. Eventually, even the babies started having babies, so the owners’ solution was to dump all those they assumed were females by locking them out and no longer feeding them.

Some of them ended up living in a hoarder’s home on my street but he was trying to get rid of them, so I took them in. It was a pregnant mother, her baby boy and her now pregnant baby girl, as well as another baby boy from a different litter she had only just had.

I took them all in, but sadly the mum didn’t make it. I kept both boys and her pregnant girl – instantly giving me 6 new family members!

From then on I knew I needed to help as many animals as I could find their forever home. Whether cats or cows, they all deserve a loving home.

I am never lonely – currently, it’s me, 2 Labradors and 10 cats!



My love for animals started young (young young), as in at aged 2 I would try and make homes for ants that I was unable to comprehend did not need them. Surely they were cold outside in the British winter? 

I think I finally realised I needed to pursue a career in helping animals when, much to my mother’s horror, aged 10, I sprinted out onto a busy London road. I had spotted a hedgehog and it needed me.

I stripped off my fleece curled the little one up in it and sprinted home to care for it. I then walked to the first vet I could find in the hope they would help. I like to think my way with words was developed here when I persuaded them to treat my little friend. Sadly little Banana (imaginatively named I know), had severe neurological damage and did not make it.

I was heartbroken. This didn’t stop me though, I vowed then I would always wrap any animal in need with my fleece – metaphorically or otherwise. Watching our Foster Carers wrap up each animal we rescue in a fleece of love and sharing that content with the world is something I am grateful to do every day.


donor services

Rescuing animals has always been my passion – it just needed some work.

From a rescued axolotl to my very own first kitty, I have always had an unwavering love for animals.

I suppose my family dog was the first to feel this love. When I was around 6, he had to get a tooth pulled. Naturally, I was very concerned when he couldn’t walk straight from the anaesthesia. So of course… I decided to put band-aids all over him… to help him feel better!

I can’t say he liked it when my dad had to cut them out of his fur…

I soon progressed in my efforts however when a wildlife rescuer friend of mine had an axolotl dumped on her property. She was being kept in a ‘tank’ far too small and was missing a leg.

After adopting her, she now lives in a MUCH larger tank and swims freely around, munching on fresh worms. Her leg even grew back (eek!).

Since then I have rescued my first cat, aptly named Moo, and have helped rescue and rehome thousands of hens with ‘Til The Cows Come Home.

You could say I have gotten a lot better at it.


foster care

I always think “Help animals because they can’t help themselves.”

I have been bringing animals home my whole life. Growing up on a farm I think I have nearly had every creature. Anything that needed help, kittens (hidden in my school jumper), ducks, chickens, mice, sick lambs, calves and even hedgehogs. Anything.

Since then, nothing has changed. All the animals I have now have been other people’s “rejects” or neglected creatures.

This brought me to originally volunteer as a ‘Til The Cows Come Home Foster Carer. To me this was just natural – I was doing it anyway! Since then I have helped home 12 calves and counting. Now I have the joy of helping others do the same.

I guess you could say I have found my calling. I have a soft spot for the underdog, to me they deserve just as much love as any other.

My saying always is “Help animals because they can’t help themselves”. Now I get to do that every day.

Sharon Grocott

Board Chair

Sharon joined Til The Cows Come home as Chair and Non-Executive Director in September 2022.

An experienced senior manager and CEO, Sharon has strong commercial acumen, strategic planning and business development skills and is experienced in human centred design, consultation processes, partnerships, stakeholder engagement and management. Sharon has an extensive background in communication and support activities across key stakeholder groups including government, the community, education, business, community organisations, boards, and staff.

Sharon qualifications include a Graduate Diploma in Social Impact, Certificate IV in Business (Governance), Australian Institute of Community Practice and Governance, Master of Management in Community Management, School of Management University of Technology Sydney and a Bachelor of Social Work, Victorian University of Technology. In recognition of her work in aged care and disability for several not-for-profit organisations, Sharon has been a nominee and recipient of a number of awards including an Australia Day Award: Hills Shire Council, NSW Woman of the Year Nominee, NSW Premier’s Award for Community Services, Special Service Award -Warringah Rotary Club (2000). Workmanship Pride Award: Lane Cove Rotary Club.

Sharon lives in NSW and in addition to her work with Til The Cows Come Home volunteers her time for organisations including Riding for the Disabled NSW, Equine Pathways and Sydney Wildlife which incorporates her values, commitment to community and her love of animals.

Rebekah Silver


Rebekah is an experienced Human Resources and Sales Executive, having joined the board in June 2022

Rebekah holds a Master of Business Administration and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and brings to the board a wealth of experience in human resources gained from organisations such as Ernst & Young, Halifax, Avant Insurance, Genisis Care, Medibank and Cornerstone OnDemand. In addition, Rebekah has been the Owner and principal consultant of her own Consultancy and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Australian Human Resources Institute and the Ethics Centre.

Rebekah lives in Melbourne, is an accredited WSET enthusiast with a passion for environmental, social welfare and animal welfare causes.

Phil Rasmussen


Phil joined Til The Cows Come Home as a Non-Executive Director in July 2022.

An IT Executive with over 20 years’ experience working in senior management and leadership roles in a diverse range of industries including technology start-ups. Phil is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Kudos Travel Technology. Phil’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Information Management from The University of Queensland. 

In addition to his professional capabilities, Phil brings significant experience in the not-for-profit sector. As President of the Australian Arm-wrestling Federation for over a decade he has extensive experience in not-for-profit leadership in the areas of strategy, governance, committee management, funding and sponsorship acquisition. Phil’s dedication to animal welfare is evident in his lifelong commitment to working with animal welfare and rescue organisations like Edgars Mission as well as advocating for a vegan lifestyle.

Clive Brown


Clive joined Til The Cows Come Homes as a Non-Executive Director in August 2022.

Born in Gipppsland and raised in country Victoria, Clive graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Business – AccountingClive is an Associate, Certified Practicing Accountant as has had a focus on professional development throughout his career including Cert 1V Train the Trainer (partial), Certificate: Management Systems Auditing, Accredited MYOB Consultant, Accredited Service Excellence Assessor SA Government as well as several Certificate courses in management.

Clive has developed his vast professional skills across a variety of roles including as an accountant for the Attorney-General’s Department and Budget Officer for the Courts Division (Victoria), as Administrator for Yipirinya School and Chief Finance Officer for the Institute for Aboriginal Development (Northern Territory). Clive continued his new passion for the Community Sector, Community Business Bureau and Principles Australia Institute as well as senior leadership roles within in the Aged Care and Disability sectors followed by nearly three years in the National Redress SchemeClive brings strong financial acumen and experience is Quality Systems to his role as Non-Executive Director and continues his commitment to the not-for-profit sector.

Mark Slater


Mark joined Til The Cows Come Home as a Non-Executive Director in July 2022, a passionate animal advocate and executive.

Marks qualifications include a Master of Marketing, Certificate Sales & Marketing/Certificate of Communications, Certificate of Marketing, Certificate of Business. Mark is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Marks’ commitment to animal welfare is evident from his last role as CEO of Animal Welfare League NSW, in this role he contributed to both the enforcement of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, governmental inquiries, operational management and rehoming of animals. Prior to The Animal Welfare League Mark has been a senior leader and executive with several not-for-profit organisations including Head of Fundraising & Communications for Legacy Clubs of NSW, Director of Funding Development (Consultant) Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, General Manager of Human Kind Project and General Manager Marketing & Fundraising, St John Ambulance AustraliaLiving in NSW, Mark brings to the board his significant corporate experience and a great passion for animal welfare.

Sohan Pujar


Sohan joined ‘Til The Cows in late 2023. Sohan holds a Bachelor of Computer Science & Commerce from Monash University.

An active member of the university campus Sohan was the Operations and Partnerships Lead for Precious Plastics Monash and a journalist for the Economics Student Society Australia. In a professional capacity Sohan has experience as a Specialist Led Associate for SAP Australia and a Data Associate with Macquarie Group. 
Sohan is an active volunteer, giving his time to Access Monash Mentoring, In2Science, and the Southern Migrant & Refugee Centre as a tutor. Sohan cares deeply for the welfare of animals and helping to create a more compassionate world.