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Can you welcome Brutus & Buster into your home?

Their personalities are described as placid and inquisitive. They’re always eager to know what you’re up to and are known for their charming tendency to follow you around. With Brutus and Buster around, you’ll always have a pair of loveable listeners!

Even though Buster is blind in one eye due to an unfortunate accident with a stick, he doesn’t let it slow him down. He’s as capable and enthusiastic as his buddy Brutus.

These friendly steers are loved by children too. Under supervision, children can bond with Bruus and Buster by feeding them over the fence. This makes them a perfect addition to a family with children who would love to learn about how incredible and loveable all animals are.

Currently, Brutus and Buster are living comfortably in their own paddock, however, they would welcome more members into their herd, regardless of the species. These gentle giants cherish company and enjoy fun and games.

In a nutshell, Buster and Brutus bring joy and happiness to those around them. They’re not just pets; they’re friends, entertainers and garden landscapers all in one! If you have room in your heart and your home for these two beautiful steers, then Buster & Brutus are waiting for you!

We have no doubt that Brutus and Buster will make the perfect addition to the family that adopts them.

Please note that the steers will lean over fences if there is more grass on the other side, and you don’t have electric fences, but most cows do this. With enough feed and water, this shouldn’t be of concern. The current owner wanted to highlight this for their new adopter.

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