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DEADLINE: 1st July 2024

Male calves in the dairy industry are often seen as “waste” as they offer little financial gain to a farmer because they can’t be used for future milk production. Beau and Bear were two of these calves.

Brothers, Kevin and Roger, were rejected by their mother. Mothers are known to reject their offspring for various reasons, including being inexperienced mothers or the baby being sick or weak. These baby animals require hand-rearing to survive, which isn’t viable for farmers as it is costly and time-consuming. These rejected animals are often culled or given away if someone is willing to take them.

Being unwanted is a sad reality for millions of animals born on farms each year. The animals who are seen as viable, go on to live a short and often miserable life. Soon to be loaded on a truck and sent to the slaughterhouse – a place that no animals deserve to go.

George and Ringo were on the back of a truck when in a freak accident, they fell out. This accident turned out to be their lifeline, the pair were rescued shortly after and given a second chance at life.

Their stories are the heartbreaking reality of farming.

Beau, Bear, Roger, Kevin, Ringo and George were brought together by fate, all being rescued by their current family.

Due to the sale of the property, this mini herd are now looking for a new, loving forever home.

With their current home on the market to sell, this is an URGENT adoption. This herd, this family, desperately need a new place to call home, can this be with you?

The ideal home is one where they can remain together, however, Beau and Bear can be adopted separately.

Their new home should have appropriate and strong fencing to keep them secure, a shelter or large tree canopies to provide weather protection, paddocks of pasture to graze upon and a family to love them as companions, not commodities.

A charming bunch, all have previously interacted well with children, showing a gentle temperament when taking treats from their hands. This group has a range of personalities, each with their own unique quirk.

First on the list is Beau, a character full of energy and enthusiasm, particularly when treats are on the horizon. Although he can get a little excited and playful, his behaviour never trends towards aggression. Beau will look for opportunities to explore the other side of the fence if the fencing has weak spots, but he doesn’t wander far away when given the chance. His new home should have tight and strong fencing.

Bear has a friendly but reserved persona. He may appear a bit timid initially, but give him some time, and you’ll find him opening up and building trust.

Kevin and Roger are never far from their human friends. They absolutely love following their carer around especially if there’s a chance to score a Weetabix treat. Kevin, in particular, has been known to bend the rules a little, looking for opportunities to sneak under fences.

Lastly, we have George and Ringo, the cautious members of the group. They initially prefer to maintain their space around people, but with a bit of patience and understanding, they’ll soon approach the fence for a sneaky Weetbix.

Having a bit of wariness toward dogs, this group remains unphased by other animals typically seen in their paddocks, like wombats and kangaroos.

Together, Beau, Bear, Roger, Kevin, Ringo, and George create a lively herd that would make a wonderfully entertaining and lovable addition to a suitable property and family.

If you have a forever home filled with unconditional love, please click the ‘Apply to adopt’ button below to start your adoption journey today.

Please note that this is a family-to-family adoption, these animals aren’t in the physical care of ‘Til The Cows Come Home. The adoption deadline has been provided to us, by the current family. The family will try to keep Beau, Bear, Roger, Kevin, Ringo, and George safe for as long as possible, but to ensure the safety of the animals, a deadline has been set.

Transportation assistance is offered including interstate. Sheep and cows can be separated.

Thank you for your interest in adopting with ‘Til The Cows Come Home – your kindness will help transform a life.

Please fill out this short form and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

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