Steve, Patch and Joe

These three adorable calves are looking for their forever home! Meet Joe, Patch, and Steve who were surrendered from a dairy farm but found love and care in one of our foster homes.

Despite a challenging start, needing veterinary intervention, Joe has developed a sweet and affectionate nature which shines through from being around people and handled so much at a young age. He’s a cuddle enthusiast, always seeking pats and affection. After regaining his health and discovering a newfound zest for life, Joe is now thriving. He loves to run and play, especially after a satisfying milk feed, and he still adores cuddles, cherishing his role as the baby of the group.

Patch is a stunning Ayrshire boy and is the oldest among the trio, so it’s no wonder his brothers adore trailing after him, looking up to him with fondness. Though he may still be a bit shy, he has an undeniable love for food and isn’t afraid to show it, vocalising his enthusiasm for mealtime and prompting his caregivers when he’s ready for more. Patch also exhibits glimpses of his playful side, finding pure joy in zooming around the paddock.

Steve is shy but sweet, he especially loves staying close to Patch, with the two spending all their time together since being rescued. As a result, they’re inseparable, always cuddling up at night and during nap time. Steve is always on the move, running and playing, but mostly he’s a laid-back boy, described as “super chill”, and cherishes a good nap just as dearly as playtime. He’s taken to halter training exceptionally well, and we highly recommend continuing this training with all calves once they arrive at their new home.

These boys have overcome obstacles with the help of their loving carers and are now ready to find their forever family. If you’re able to open your heart and home to Joe, Patch, and Steve, please click HERE.


D.O.B.: Ranging 20/2/24 – 1/3/24

Breed/gender: Jersey and Ayrshire, desexed males (steers)

Bottles: 2 bottles per day until 10-12 weeks of age. 1 bottle per day until 13-15 weeks.

Medical: No known medical conditions or injuries. Strong and healthy for adoption.

Other: Desexed, vaccinated, PIC and NLIS tagged.

Location: Esk, QLD – Somerset Region

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