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A three-legged goat with awe-inspiring resilience.

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Early 2023, an ad appeared online with text explaining that an 8-month-old goat had been tangled and caught in some vines, and as a result, had a mangled and broken leg. 

The post read, “Not sure if the leg can be saved or not, up to you what you decide”. 

Her price, $50. That was the value of her life.

Luckily, a member of the public saw the ad and contacted four rescues but all were at capacity.

Finally, they contacted our team. Within just a few hours we secured her rescue and transported her to the vet for urgent care.

This little girl was named Daisy.

Her situation was critical and she underwent emergency surgery to amputate her leg – sadly the only way to save her.

It was later found that she had a severe infection. Kept in the hospital for weeks – she fought for her life.

Her infection began to heal, but there were signs of maggots reaching her chest cavity. An indication of how long she had been left in this awful state. It’s heartbreaking to think this sweet girl was left like this. Left to suffer, with her value marked as a price on a website.

Fast forward a few weeks, and her recovery was awe-inspiring.

Our team, the incredible people at WestVETS Animal Hospital and this community of donors and supporters were with her every step of the way. It is incredible to witness the power of one girl’s will, backed by an entire community.

Fast forward again to now, and this little girl has bounced back! This truly inspiring little goat has taken her new life in her stride, learning to play and have fun no matter what. It’s heartwarming to see her grow and learn to love again.

But there’s more… We are happy to report Daisy is now with her forever family and was officially adopted! She is living her best life with her new family and is already making friends with her new goat pals.

“She is doing so well she already holds a huge space in our hearts. We are so privileged to have her” – Candice, Daisy’s adopter.

Stories like these make anything feel possible when we lead with compassion.

Our incredible Foster Carers, Ben and Sal (Daisy’s foster parents), put it best “She is now healed, strong, healthy and ready for a long and loved life with her new family.

This is why we do what we do. Stories like Daisy’s have a chance of a happy ending because of the amazing support of ‘Til The Cows Come Home and their generous donors.”


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