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Can you welcome Betty & Beau   into your home?

Taken away from their mothers shortly after birth, Betty and Beau have endured a traumatic start to life, a beginning no living being deserves.

Male calves born on dairy farms are commonly deemed as “waste” or “surplus”, as they offer little financial gain to the farmer. These calves are often “disposed of ” on the farm or sent on a truck to a slaughterhouse.

Similarly, females born on dairy farms are often kept for future milk production. Or when the farmer doesn’t need more females, or they aren’t worthy of breeding, they too face the same horrible fate.

Betty has a bent tail. That’s all, a bent tail. This made her worthless to the farmer, viewing her as unviable for breeding.

Thanks to the generosity of our kind donors, Betty and Beau are now safe in short-term foster care.

Despite all that Betty and Beau have been through, they show a contagious love for life in all its wonder. They are ready to find their perfect forever home, where they will be treated as companions, not commodities.

The ideal home for Betty and Beau with good fencing to keep them secure, a shelter to keep them warm and dry, paddocks of pasture to graze upon and a family to give them the love they deserve.

Betty and Beau have an admirable love for life and all it’s simple pleasures, such as cuddles and relaxing in the sunshine.

Curious by nature, these two are often inspecting new objects and exploring their foster home.

With their sociable nature, Betty and Beau get along well with other animals and are good around children. Their calm and friendly personality allows them to integrate smoothly into a group of other animals and form a loving bond with their carer.

If you have the space, facilities and endless love to give Betty and Beau, please click the ‘Apply to adopt’ button below to contact us and start your adoption journey today.

By opening your home to Betty and Beau, not only do you get the joy of adding two companions into your life, but your decision to adopt has a life-changing impact on the lives of other calves. For every calf adopted, another can be rescued.

Thank you for your interest in adopting with ‘Til The Cows Come Home – your kindness will help transform a life.

Please fill out this short form and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

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