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Crumpet and Dixon’s journey began with a lucky escape from a bleak fate. Rescued as calves from a farm where they were considered “dairy waste,” Crumpet and Dixon narrowly avoided being sold to a slaughterhouse. Instead, they were taken in by a loving family who saw the promise of a better life for them. Their new family embraced them wholeheartedly, ensuring they grew up in an environment filled with love, care, and constant companionship.  Daily scratches, brushes, tickles, and cuddles under the warm sun became the norm. 

Crumpet and Dixon have become more than cherished companions, they’ve become invaluable therapy pets. Their family finds immense comfort in their presence, often lying down with them in the paddock for quiet moments of peace, leaning their weight against these gentle giants while singing and patting them softly. Crumpet and Dixon, now grown into big boys, have known nothing but a life full of gentle touches, full bellies, and the joyful presence of children. Raised with a hands-on approach, they’ve been showered with affection from the moment they were small calves. 

The relentless drought has stripped their paddocks of pasture, and with the rising costs of living, providing the necessary additional feed isn’t an option. It’s a surrender born out of necessity, not desire, and they hope to find a home that can offer what they no longer can. 

Crumpet and Dixon are not just steers; they are gentle giants with hearts full of love and a playful spirit. Their kindness and gentleness shine through in every interaction, whether with each other or with the people they trust. They are affectionate and playful, always ready for a game or a gentle nuzzle. And if there are treats like oats involved, they’ll follow you anywhere. 

The ideal home for Crumpet and Dixon is one with abundant, lush green pastures where they can graze to their heart’s content. They are adaptable and suitable around adults and young children (under supervision to ensure everyone’s safety). Their gentle nature also means they get along well with dogs. 
If you have a home that fits this description, a place where Crumpet and Dixon can continue to thrive and be loved, please reach out. They are more than ready to bring joy and companionship into a new family’s life. Let them touch your heart as they have touched ours. 

If you have the space, facilities and love to give Crumpet and Dixon, please click the ‘Apply to adopt’ button below to contact us and start your adoption journey today.  

By opening your doors to Crumpet and Dixon, you’ll be inviting endless joy, laughter, and unconditional affection into your life. Adopting them means offering them the forever home they’ve been waiting for, and in return, they promise to fill your days with love and warmth. 

Thank you for your interest in adopting with ‘Til The Cows Come Home – your kindness will help transform a life.

Please fill out this short form and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

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