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Can you welcome Moe, Hartley & Harry into your home?

Moe, Hartley and Harry were born into this world as the byproduct of their mother’s milk production – their life worth nothing more.  

Male calves are often “disposed of” on dairy farms or sent on a truck to a slaughterhouse within the first few weeks of their life, as they offer little financial gain to a farmer as they cannot be used for future breeding or milk production.  

This is the heartbreaking reality thousands of calves face each day on dairy farms across Australia.  

Moe, Hartley and Harry were rescued with two other calves. Heartbreakingly this group were in poor condition our Foster Carer reported, “Getting them into the trailer was pretty easy – they really had no energy. Getting home and into a warm stable was what they needed.”

In the dairy industry, calves are often taken from their mothers within mere days of their birth so that their mother can get back to milk production. The milk that is meant for them, is taken and sold to humans as a commodity.

This separation is not only traumatic to their mental well-being but also their physical well-being as they are unable to receive the vital nutrients from their mothers’ milk.

Moe, the smallest of the group, suddenly began to deteriorate. After vet intervention, he improved for a few days, only to begin to deteriorate again.

t was concluded he had a very server case of Ileus, Cryptoridium and his left lung had Pneumonia. This little boy was fighting multiple life-threatening illnesses.

As the weeks passed by, Moe’s condition began to improve and he soon returned home for quarantine before he was reunited with his foster brothers. A moment so precious it brought tears to our team’s eyes.

Now all healthy and feeling cared for, Moe, Hartley and Harry are ready to find their forever home where they will be loved as companions, not commodities.  

The ideal home for Moe, Hartley and Harry is one that has good fencing to keep them secure, a shelter to keep them warm and dry, paddocks of pasture to graze upon and a family to give them the love they deserve. 

Meet Moe, Hartley, and Harry – a charming trio of rescued calves who are certain to add a touch of magic to your life. Each of them, with their unique personalities, comes with a promise of the best kind of companionship to share your days with.  

First up, we have our quiet boy, Harry. Always super chilled, he loves to go with the flow and is the one you can count on to keep things peaceful. Harry brightens up the pen with his playful routine of engaging with the beach ball after breakfast. Although he occasionally gets up to some mischief, his charm remains unbeatable. 

Our second gentleman is Hartley, named so for the cute heart marking on his head and the boundless love he showers upon those around him. Don’t be surprised if he comes searching for you when it’s time for the milk cart, following you devotedly to the gate to indulge in some cuddling sessions and adoring head scratches. Hartley is a determined, affectionate boy with a heart of gold. 

Last but not least is Moe, our brave-hearted boy who beat a rocky start in life to become one of the most loving and affectionate calves around. He has a natural knack for finding you no matter where you are in the yard, craving your attention and affection. Known for his love for cuddles, scratches, and milk time. With his heartwarming presence, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this beautiful boy. 

If you have the space, facilities and affection to give Moe, Hartley and Harry, please click the ‘Apply to adopt’ button below to contact us and start your adoption journey today.  

By opening your home to Moe, Hartley and Harry, not only do you get the joy of adding two companions into your life, but your decision to adopt has a life-changing impact on the lives of other calves. For every calf adopted, another can be rescued.   

Thank you for your interest in adopting with ‘Til The Cows Come Home – your kindness will help transform a life.

Please fill out this short form and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

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