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It is heartbreaking to think that Violet and Ulysses faced an unimaginable fate just a few weeks ago. 

Male calves born on dairy farms are commonly deemed as “waste” or “surplus”, as they offer no financial gain to the farmer. These calves are often “disposed of ” on the farm or sent on a truck to a slaughterhouse.  

This is their heartbreaking reality. 

Females born on dairy farms are often kept for future milk production or when the farmer doesn’t need more females, they too face the same horrible fate.  

Thanks to the support of generous donors, Violet and Ulysses are now safe. This pair have been living in our short-term foster care since their rescue. Here they are loved companions, not commodities – as they should be.  

Safe, healthy and full of love it is now time for us to find them their perfect forever home. Could this be with you?  

The ideal home for these two calves is one that has good fencing to keep them secure, a shelter to keep them warm and dry, paddocks of pasture to graze upon and a family to give them the love they deserve. 

Ulysses, a confident male, has a strong will and an optimistic outlook on life. He loves to bounce around, with zoomies being a favourite activity. Ulysses also cherishes his playtime with Violet. 

Violet, on the other hand, is a sweet girl whose journey towards trusting human kindness is inspiring. Initially shy, Violet has blossomed beautifully in foster care now that she feels safe and cared for.  

The pair’s playfulness is a delight to witness, they will lighten up anyone’s day.  

If you have a forever home filled with unconditional love, please click the ‘Apply to adopt’ button below to contact us and start your adoption journey today.  

By opening your home to Violet and Ulysses, not only do you get the joy of adding two companions into your life, but your decision to adopt has a life-changing impact on the lives of other calves. For every calf adopted, another can be rescued.   

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