Bernard, Biscuit, and Franklin

From Dairy Farm to Forever Home
Meet Bernard, Biscuit, and Franklin! These adorable Jersey calves were rescued from a dairy farm, and now they’re looking for a forever home, ready to steal your heart.
Born into a life of uncertainty on a dairy farm, fate had something better in store for these lucky calves. With your support, we were able to rescue them from an uncertain future and give them a chance at a life filled with love and compassion.
With gentle natures, insatiable curiosity, and playful spirits, Bernard, Biscuit and Franklin are guaranteed to bring endless joy into your life.
Nothing makes these calves happier than cuddles, exploration, and zooming around in their paddock! And when it’s time to recharge, they’re all about cosy nap sessions.
Though they’re still young, Bernard, Biscuit, and Franklin are already showing signs of affection and trust. With your love and care, they’ll continue to blossom into affectionate and loving companions, bringing warmth and happiness to your home for years to come.
Not only will you be giving these calves a second chance at life, but you’ll also be adding immeasurable joy to your own. Witness the magic of transformation as they grow, thrive, and become cherished members of your family.
Ready to embark on this heart warming journey with Bernard, Biscuit, and Franklin? Click HERE.
Learn more about Bernard, Biscuit, and Franklin:
D.O.B.: Ranging 27/2/24 – 18/3/24
Breed/gender: Males, Jersey
Bottles: 2 bottles per day until 10-12 weeks of age. 1 bottle per day until 13-15 weeks.
Medical: No known medical conditions or injuries. Strong and healthy for adoption.
Other: Desexed, vaccinated and NLIS tagged.
Location: Moorooduc, VIC – Mornington Peninsula

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