Winter is well and truly here! While you are rugged up inside with a hot cup of tea and a warm blanket, have you done all you can to ensure your fur babies are just as warm and cosy as you? This blog will dive into all our tips and tricks for keeping your animals warm and protected this winter.

Many people are under the misbelief that animals do not feel the cold –  this is wrong! Animals, even those with lots of fur, still feel the cold. So make sure you keep your fur babies warm this winter by purchasing winter coats for them. You wouldn’t want to be caught outside in the winter rain and winds without a warm jacket and neither do they. We know from lots of experience that calves will appreciate a warm jacket, especially as being so young means they do not have enough body fat to keep warm on their own. Please reach out to us if you need further guidance on where to buy calf jackets.

Our second tip for dealing with the wintertime is providing shelter to protect your animal from the elements during winter, such as the wind, rain and in some cases hail. Having shelter with 3-4 walls and a roof is vital. Make sure that your shelter is free from leaks or holes. An ideal shelter will keep your animals safe and protected as well as providing them with an area to stay clean, dry and comfortable.

One thing we love about winter is getting into my warm cosy bed after a long day. Whether, you have a pig, cow, chicken, sheep or goat in your family, providing some type of bed for them is essential for the wintertime. Your fur baby will love you for this extra warmth on cold winter nights. We recommend providing your animal with extra hay the colder it is. The more hay/bedding available for your animal the easier it will be for your animal to maintain its body temperature during the cold.

For hens, roosters and turkeys, as well as shelter, providing them with a nesting box with straw for warmth is ideal. They will even benefit from heat lamps inside their coops.

This tip will be a no brainer but remember to always have fresh water available to your animals 24/7. Having water during winter is just as important as having it available during the hotter months.

Overall the rule of thumb for keeping your animals warm during winter is to make sure they have a place they can stay dry and be protected from the elements of winter. Remember that some animals will feel the cold more than others so always keep an eye on how your animals are coping with the colder weather.

For more winter warming tips for hens, click here <Link>.

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